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A Wedding Photographer's Advice For Choosing A Perfect Venue

  |  By Valerie Baron

All photography by Valerie Baron, Studio Baron Photo.

After having said YES! to the big question, the next biggest wedding decision you’ll make is WHERE? When choosing a venue there are so many things to consider, especially today when wedding planning has become a tricky course to navigate. 

When considering your venue, you should also put some thought to how it will work for photographs and your wedding photography. An experienced photographer will be able to create magical memories, but sometimes there are challenges which we can’t overcome. Here are seven tips to ensure you’re choosing the best wedding venue for your celebration and to guarantee you’ll have great photos.

Location Is Everything
If your venue isn’t in the ideal area of town where you want to take your wedding photos, consider the time it will take to get to and back from your portrait location. Traffic, road closures, tourists, parking and more can make it take longer than your schedule allows. You may want to choose a spot that has everything you need to create wedding day and photographic magic.

Make Sure There’s A Rain Option
If you get rained out for outdoor portraits, it’s a nice option to be able to take photos inside your venue. Does the venue you are considering have beautiful areas for that? Your photographer can make even a corner of a room look perfect, but you’ll want to make sure there are options so they can get creative and make something beautiful.

Survey The Sunset Situation
Golden hour is that magical time as the sun sets and everything becomes washed in gold tones. It’s a beautiful time of day to sneak in a few more portraits—they will be stunning! It usually requires staying at the venue as it often happens during dinner. Does your venue get the sunset or is it blocked by big buildings? Facing east? In a super industrial area that doesn’t offer great shooting options. All things to consider. Golden hour is one of my personal favorite times to shoot.

Consider Indoor Lighting
It’s not only your photographer that will notice the lighting, your guests will take their cues from it to set the tone and create ambiance. Does your venue include lighting? Are there spotlights? Up lighting? Are you allowed to use real candles? All of these factors play into the mood of the event and everything photographs. Trust me, your photographer will thank you for thinking about this one.

Think About The Venue’s Decor
Ever look at a photo and only notice the crazy carpet and miss seeing the bride and groom in the photo? It happens! Take the time to really look around the venue and notice all the details. Does it look dated? Are there carpets and wallpaper that is too busy or loud? Do the curtains, linens, chairs look tired from too much use? A venue’s décor and character are key things to note when considering a space.

Be Sure You Can Personalize The Space
Every venue has their own style and of course you’ll consider that when making your selection. You will also want to add your own touches to the place. Does your venue have space for what you want? Can you do sky-high centrepieces? Can you do a hanging floral arrangement, draping or add twinkle lights? Not every venue can accommodate these things so be mindful and ask questions when touring spaces.

Are Pets Allowed?
For many couples their pets are an essential part of the big day and who can resist having your dog walk down the aisle?! If you want your companions there with you on the day, be sure to check the venue will allow animals and that they have spaces to accommodate them which they will be safe and comfortable in.

Valerie Baron is the owner and main photographer at Studio Baron Photo and has 14 years experience as a wedding photographer. With a background in both journalism and magazine work, her style is a unique blend of photojournalism and editorial. She excels at capturing the special moments and making her clients feel like the best versions of themselves on their special day. Known for her bubbly attitude and a great personality, according to clients it’s a pleasure to work with her.


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