A Casual Affair


When longtime customer, turned friend, emailed me late July to say that he and his girlfriend had decided to get married August 21st, it was a welcomed surprise!  We had a little over three weeks to transform their beautiful beach cottage, just three homes up from the famous beach boardwalk, and their two neighbour’s yards, into a celebration haven.

Nature lovers at heart, they wanted a casual garden party to adorn their union. The only decor specification that I was given was that there was to be lots of birch poles, making the entrances of the tents feel like a forest. All other design elements I could do what I pleased — how much fun is that!!

Knowing that the grooms’ favourite flower is white daisies, I felt they also had to be involved. I was thrilled to find adorable shasta daisies, along with pee gee hydrangea, and a new favourite, local star of Bethlehem to use.

Like our typical earthy arrangements, I ensured lots of greens were used, along with texture from many different types of flowers. Wanting florals everywhere, I placed arrangements on each crusier table, 10 foot birch pole arrangements stood at both sides of the tent entrances, and of course there was a large birch pole arrangement marking the most important location at this wedding… the bar. :) The bouquets were quaint and delicate to match.

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