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#975: Reminiscing about how you first met or your first date

  |   By Roseanne Dela Rosa

{image via Walt Disney Pictures}

I love the "remember when..." stories! Remember when we first met? Remember when we had our first date? Those are things that always seem to come up during the wedding planning process. Why? Probably because wedding guests always ask. Or perhaps you're reminiscing to include those memories into your speech or wedding website. Regardless of the reason, first time meetings or first date memories are completely awesome. Here's a few amazing "how we met moments" taken straight from our real wedding section:

How they met: The couple met in high school when they were in the same design and technology class one semester. As Jamie explains, “Matt ended up being away for a week and missed how to use a design program. Our teacher asked me to show him how it worked because he was busy with other students. We hit it off and have been glued at the hip ever since.” {via Rescue Me}

How they met: Although Lara and Eric technically met during a first-year university sociology class—when Eric finally gathered up enough nerve to approach Lara, only to have her suddenly get a call on her cell phone and unknowingly turn away from him—they were formally introduced on Lara’s birthday by a mutual friend. Eric told Lara that he remembered her from class a few years back and a very flattered Lara was touched by Eric’s thoughtfulness. {via Sweet Serenade}

How they met: Mandy and David grew up in Thompson, Manitoba, lived a street apart, went to the same elementary and high schools, and are only one year apart in age, but they only first talked to each other while in university in Winnipeg. They were both out with their friends at a bar (David and his friends were dressed in ’70’s outfits). The two recognized each other and started talking. David asked if it would be okay if he had a smoke. Mandy wasn’t impressed, but when he pulled a bubble-blowing pipe out instead of a cigarette she laughed at him, and they talked all night. {via Kiss Me}

How they met: They worked at the same clothing store in the mall. Totally against her style, Leah introduced herself to Daivin and has been trying to get his attention ever since. {via Paradise Love}
This article was originally published on May 28, 2010

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