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9 Things That Guarantee The Best Wedding Day Ever

  |  By Weddingbells

At Weddingbells we see a lot of amazing weddings and collectively we have been to some incredible ones. It's pretty safe to say we are more qualified to tell you what we think creates an outstanding party. You want the day to be personal, unique and fun, and that also means giving your party people the very best wedding guest experience. Take it from the us, the experts—these are nine things that guarantee yours is the ultimate party to remember.

“For me the best wedding experience is really a 360 degree plan—great music, food, activities and flow of events. I appreciate any form of entertainment to keep busy when not on the dance floor (everyone loves a photo booth—you can take it one step further by hiring a portrait photographer or illustrator). Signature cocktails, sweet tables and late night stations keep your foodie guests happy and are practically a requirement these days. And to ensure that the night goes smoothly, make sure flow of the evening is right—keep speeches short and sweet, and hire a DJ that will have your guests on the dance floor all night.” —Kim Aglipay, associate editor

“In true editor fashion, I am all about impeccable event execution and curation. The best parties are ones that feel seamless, run smoothly and are perfectly cruise-directed. That means the wedding day events are well paced and perfectly planned making everything easy. Don’t neglect spending energy on planning your run-of-show for the day—it will ensure you and your guests have the best wedding." —Alison McGill, editor-in-chief

“My favourite part of any wedding is the party after dinner! A great DJ with a stellar playlist to get everyone up on the dance floor is essential to the best wedding memories. I always enjoy seeing which one of the guests is going to show their true colours by letting loose on the dance floor! Often it's the person you least expected to dance who busts out the craziest moves and then everyone talks about that impromptu surprise element for years to come. “ —Carrie MacPherson, digital & social editor, Mariage Quebec

Photography courtesy of Shari + Mike as seen in this real wedding.

“The best wedding experiences feel intimate and personal. A fave element is a looping multimedia elements featuring images of the bride and groom from childhood up to present day. Many guests only know one of the partners well, and even then, may only know them from a specific era of their life. Mix it up with goofy, charming and heartfelt images and you’ll have a knock-out detail guests will talk about forever.” —Kate Yorga, copy editor

“Weddings (and unfortunately, funerals) are the best occasions to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, so being seated with a fun group of people is one of the things that makes for a great wedding experience for me as a guest. And it's a total bonus if there is delicious, interesting food to eat while mingling with good friends at the wedding reception. I attended a wedding reception last summer where, due to work, we arrived only in time for the dance and the "midnight buffet". Even at that hour, a rotation of amazing finger foods like mini grilled cheese sandwiches and sliders continued to be served. We had a great time celebrating with the bride and groom and our friends on the dance floor and we left content, without having eaten at the reception dinner.” —Lois Kim, designer

“The best weddings I’ve attended were fun and exciting with an air of good will and celebration. The most memorable splurged on a live band, which really set the mood and kept the party going. They also served good food and good wine (in moderation). Everyone loves to see the dress, the flowers, the gorgeous room or intimate setting chosen…and every element from the invites to the speeches play an important role in telling the story, but the best part by far is enjoying each other and taking the time to feel the love y’all - cause love‘s what it’s all about.” —Liz Duerksen, account manager

Photography courtesy of Geoff Fitzgerald as seen in this real wedding.

The best part of weddings is the personal touches throughout the day and into the night. It is very difficult to have a wedding stand out and be different. It isn’t about being over the top but about making the day about the couple and for the details to be effortless yet personal." —Annie Gabrielian, director newsstand/consumer marketing

 “I am a real romantic and I love the power of words so the best part of a wedding to me is definitely the vows. I love it when the bride and groom find a way to make it really personal with a touch of humour making the guests going from laughing to crying. I love that moment of emotion before everyone kicks into high party gear!” —Emmanuelle Ghersi, managing editor, Mariage Quebec

"I love weddings and I love to dance, so for or me it's all about the music. A good mix is key, new and old, fast and slow. I'm all in. Oh, and a little Macarena never hurt anyone!' —Tara Williams, contributing stylist


This article was originally published on Jun 13, 2019

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