8 Unique Acoustic Wedding Songs Perfect For Your Big Day


Photo by Oink & Coo Photography.

Finding the perfect set of love songs for your wedding day isn’t always easy. It’s even harder when you’re looking for songs that are both fresh and unique. Acoustic songs are a great way to add a subtle and romantic twist to the typical wedding playlist. Unlike their electric counterparts, acoustic instruments inject songs with a certain soft yet raw quality, allowing the lyrics to take centre stage and shine through. Acoustic tunes can also be a versatile addition to your wedding day and can be played during any romantic moment, whether it’s your walk down the aisle or first dance. From renditions by Ed Sheeran and Coldplay to tunes from relative newcomers Birdy and Lewis Watson, here are eight amazing and unique acoustic wedding songs to inspire you for your special day.

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5 comments on “8 Unique Acoustic Wedding Songs Perfect For Your Big Day
  1. Nick Colitses says:

    Ashton Lane’s (Primrose Hill) has a very cinematic outdoor stark vibe.Set near Abby Road Studio and the most romantic place on earth,2 hearts over their heads in love!!!

  2. antiqcool says:

    this acoustic love song from Antiqcool may be a good fit to your playlist https://soundcloud.com/antiqcool/inside-my-love-new-remix-june

  3. Phineas Crumpy says:

    I recall suggesting rock and wave pieces for a friend. I wasn’t at the wedding though.

  4. Yulia Kuznetsova-Rebarbar says:

    At my wedding we used “Your Song” by Elton John – that was very touching moment. Especially with our beautiful first dance which was created by Egor at http://dancewithmetoronto.com/

  5. Horseback2200 says:

    Till the End of Time by: Hartley for sale on iTunes! Acoustic wedding song.

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