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8 Special Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Memories (Other Than Photography)

  |   By Laura Downs

Your wedding day is a day you'll remember for the rest of your life. Most likely it will be captured on film, and in your memory, but there are other ways to have creative keepsakes of your day. Here are a few neat ways to cherish your spectacular celebration:

1. Time capsule Have a keepsake box at your reception for guests to add mementos, letters or photos, then promise to open it on your first, fifth or tenth wedding anniversary. You could even have guests fill out a questionnaire with predictions of where you'll be and what you’ll be doing during that time. Just don't be tempted to peek early on!

2. Framing You’ll probably pick out your favourite wedding photo to hang over your mantel, but why stop there? Frame the lyrics or music of your first dance song, your written vows, a poem from the ceremony or the love notes you gave each other as you were getting ready.

3. Wine bottles Pick your favourite bottle of wine or champagne and have guests sign it or keep a bottle of table wine to enjoy on your anniversary. You could even have personalized labels or etchings on the bottle, so you remember which one to store (and not drink right away). Ports and vintage wines last 10-20 years, so pick something that will age well and make sure to store it on its side in a dark, cool place.

 4. Preserving your dress Your dress is probably one of the most important things you’ll want to keep, so don’t leave it in a crumpled heap in your closet. Have your dress cleaned right away, so stains don’t set, and take it to a professional gown preserver within a few weeks of the wedding. A preserver will make sure the dress doesn’t yellow or decay by cleaning it properly and placing it in an acid-free box.

5. Drying flowers Drying your bouquet goes beyond the days of pressing petals into a journal. A professional flower preserver can press or quick-dry flowers using silica gel to store in a frame or dome, or freeze-dry your blooms to keep the whole bouquet in tact. You can also preserve the flowers yourself by hanging them to dry, then make an arrangement with the dry flowers and leaves.

6. Freezing wedding cake Many couples have adopted the tradition of saving a piece of wedding cake for their first anniversary. Some cakes don’t freeze well, so make sure it will stay tasty by wrapping it properly. Remove any decorations or flowers, then let the cake sit in the fridge for a few hours to chill. Wrap the cake up with plastic wrap so air can't get in, then place it in a freezer bag or box. If you aren’t keen on frozen cake, consider ordering a replica tier in the same flavour as your cake for your anniversary.

 7. Custom wedding art Hire an artist to paint a custom wedding portrait to hang on your wall. It’s not just limited to a portrait of you and your groom; some artists specialize in bridal bouquet or wedding dress portraits where they create a fine art rendition of your bouquet or dress from a photo you send them.

8. Something blue Catherine Middleton had a small piece of blue ribbon sewn into her gown for her “something blue.” Embroider your wedding date, initials or monogram into your dress or sew custom labels inside your groom’s tie or your bridal party accessories. You could even get your wedding party to sign the bottom of your shoes in blue. According to some cultural traditions, the bridesmaids are supposed to sign the bottom of the bride’s shoes and after the night is over, the person whose name has faded most will be the next to marry.


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