8 Amazing Wedding Send-Off Ideas That Won’t Create A Mess

Your wedding recessional or final send-off at the end of the night are great opportunities to take the sorts of cool, Pinterest-worthy photos you’ve always wanted. Many couples opt to be showered with confetti, flower petals or traditional rice by their guests as they leave their ceremony or reception venue. However, more often than not these choices end up creating a mess that most venues do not want to deal with. In fact, many venues ban these items entirely or charge an extra fee to deal with the the cleanup. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome send-off. We’ve rounded up eight wedding send-off ideas that are easy, fun and don’t require a cleaning crew.

Colourful Smoke Bombs
For an outdoor wedding, colourful smoke bombs can give your wedding exit a big impact. Have your guests set them off as you and your new spouse walk down the aisle.

Having your guests shake matching maracas during your exit is visually appealing and can be a lot of fun.

Bubbles are one send-off option that will never go out of style. With no clean up necessary, bubbles add an amazing effect to your photos.

8 amazing send-offs that won't make a mess - streamers

Photo via Instagram.

Ribbon Streamers
Ribbon streamers in bright, cheerful colours or in the colours of your wedding are a whimsical way to pull your theme together. Make your streamers extra-special by adding a bell to the end of them.

8 amazing send-offs that won't make a mess - flags

Photo via One Wed.

We love the idea of your guests waving custom flags with your wedding hashtag, romantic sayings or words such as “congrats” and “hooray.”

8 amazing send-offs that won't make a mess - sparklers

Photo as seen in this real wedding.

Sparklers are one classic wedding-day send-off option that will never go out of style. They create a romantic ambiance and the light they emit makes for gorgeous photos.

Pom-poms are an unconventional yet cute send-off option when done properly. Choose your wedding colours or keep them white for a whimsical yet sophisticated effect.

Glow sticks
Glow sticks look especially fab for wedding reception send-offs. Opt for larger sticks to make an impact, and a single colour for a streamlined look.

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