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7 Ways To Up Your Self-Care Now

  |  By Alison McGill

Photography courtesy of Jo Malone London.

It’s been a year and it’s not over yet. There’s no question this year has delivered life stressors like no other. In the wedding space, so many of you have had to juggle wedding plans, from scaling down your original day to shifting it into next year or beyond. If you are newly engaged, you are likely forging ahead with your planning but still feeling unsettled about what will be do-able (our advice, think small for the foreseeable future).

As pandemic life continues (and we face a winter of uncertainty ahead) it’s time to take stock. Here’s seven ideas for taking extra good care of yourself and keeping that self-care game super-strong!

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1. Get Your Fitness On
You may have upped your activity levels during the spring and summer months but now that cooler temps are here it’s critical to keep moving and motivated. We all know regular exercise is key to mental and physical health and wellness as well as keeping stress levels in check. Keeping yourself accountable is a great way to ensure you exercise and the Apple Watch Series 6 (and Apple Watch SE) has just dropped and has some incredible new features on the fitness side that will do just that. Apple Watch Series 6 is now equipped with a Blood Oxygen sensor the measures the oxygen saturation of your blood which helps you to better understand your overall health and wellness. This tech toy is a game changer!

2. Sleep Better
This is the secret to great health, and you might not be getting your best Zzz’s (thank you pandemic and now seasonal change). Sleep helps our body repair and restore from the day and helps the brain and mind rest and prepare for the day ahead.

We are able to file away our long-term memories and flush out toxins. We recently spoke to Alannah McGuinn, renown Toronto-based sleep expert and president of Good Night Sleep Site who shared many interesting and eye-opening sleep insights which you can read here.

Choose cozy sheets, upgrade your mattress and even consider swapping out guest bedroom mattresses to better options. We love these Walmart twin mattress options for guest bedrooms as well as these kids' mattress picks.

Dinner Uncomplicated by Claire Tansey is a new cookbook essential.

3. Have Date Nights
Don’t forget about romance! No doubt your couple time looks different than it once did, but it’s important to spend some quality, tech free time together. Get out for walks, make a date to binge watch a new show or watch some old favourite flicks—if you want some suggestions to keep you in the wedding space these are our picks for a great night in. Also, if you haven’t already embraced the art of couples cooking, it’s time. Toronto-based chef Lauren Mozer of Elle Cuisine has some amazing thoughts on getting gourmet, read them here. If you are looking for a new cookbook to spice up the kitchen, we love Canadian chef, teacher and food writer Claire Tansey’s just released Dinner Uncomplicated—all recipes are fuss-free and super-delish.

Create a serene home zone with the Jo Malone London Townhouse Candle Collection.

4. Scent Your Space
Creating ambiance in your home with scent helps balance the mind not to mention create a cozy atmosphere. Change up your chosen scent depending on your vibe and if you need to feel Zen or energized. We are big Jo Malone London fans and the brand has just launched a new line of luxury ceramic candles with the Jo Malone London Townhouse Candle Collection. There are six heavenly scents to choose from depending on your mood—Lilac Lavendar & Lovage and Glowing Embers are particular standouts.

5. Listen Up
It seems a wealth of new podcasts have launched during the pandemic and with a little more time to listen, it’s time to cue up some new favourites. Our sister magazine FASHION has some great reccos of some amazing Canadian podcasts covering everything from beauty and wellness to celebrity culture to cue up.  

Luxury bedding by White Terry Home will help create a bedroom sanctuary.

6. Create A Bedroom Oasis
Since we can’t travel right now, the home has become such an important part of our lives so if you haven’t already it’s time to up your décor game. Your bedroom in particular needs some extra TLC and you should make it as cozy, comfy and luxe as a hotel suite. Is it time for a new mattress? How is your bedroom lighting? Have you removed all tech from the area? One of the best ways to make your bedroom a sanctuary is with great linens and Canadian brand White Terry Home and its line of luxury organic bedding is one of the best there is.

Suetables Personalized collection is the perfect gift to self.

7. Gift Yourself
A little spoiling and self-gifting is definitely in order at this time don’t you think? Jewelry is a particularly great idea in 2020 and we especially love personalized pieces. Our latest favourite is Toronto-based company Suetables and their Personalized collection which offers everything from signet rings to bracelets to coin and tag necklaces that can be hand-stamped or laser engraved with your name, initial or maybe even your 2020 wedding day that you have had to reschedule for next year. We love a great keepsake!

This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2020

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