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6 Ways For Coffee Lovers To Perk Up Your Wedding Day

  |  By Angie Kovacs

If coffee is your elixir of life then it absolutely must play a part in your wedding day. With your wedding planning brewing you may be wondering how you can incorporate your favourite bevvy into your party mix. We've done the research for you and come up with some seriously fun ways to wake up your wedding day (pardon the pun we could not resist!) From food to gifts to the scent of your reception space, here's six amazing ideas on how to incorporate coffee into your wedding.

Coffee Bar (pictured above) While this may be an obvious choice for a coffee lover an adorable coffee bar will keep you and your guests caffeinated but it can also be super Instagramable. Add an adorable sign saying “The Perfect Blend” and you’ve got the coolest and most practical wedding addition. 

Coffee Favours 

Photo via Wedding Inspiration.

Give your guests a celebratory cup of joe with coffee grounds as your wedding favours. It's an sweet take home that they will use and that will remind them to have a drink to you. After all this is grounds for celebration.

Signature Sent 

Photo via Simply Inspired Co..

Take your wedding to the next level with a signature scent. By incorporating this scent into your invitations, your wedding day perfume or day-of decorative candles this coffee blend will remind you of your wedding bliss every time you smell your morning brew.  

Coffee Themed Centrepieces

Photo via Southern Living.

Add beans directly to your wedding tables with a coffee themed centrepiece. Rather than using stones opt for coffee beans for a natural look as well as the smell of coffee. 

Themed Mugs 

Photo via Women Getting Married.

Monogrammed coffee mugs are a sweet gift for your guests to remember your day every time they make a cup of coffee. Plus we guarantee they'll want to break out this special mug every time that you visit. 

Coffee Dessert 

Photo via Saveur.

If drinking coffee isn’t enough add another taste into your wedding with a coffee flavoured dessert. There are many tasty treats beyond coffee cake that will indulge your sweet tooth and satisfy your caffeine craving

This article was originally published on Aug 13, 2019

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