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Helpful Tips for Picking Your Wedding Colour Scheme

  |  By Nicole Keen

After setting a date and picking a venue, one of the most important decisions that lies ahead is selecting a colour scheme for your wedding. The colours you pick should enhance your celebration, reflect your personality and tie all the elements of your day together. Here are six pointers to help you pick your perfect palette.

1. Consider Your Location.

Your venue sets the tone for your celebration, so it's important to choose accent colours that work with the space. If there are elements of the space that can't be changed (i.e. carpet, drapery, upholstery), you would be wise to start there and select colours that won't clash! Is your venue old or new? Are you getting married inside or outside? The answers to these questions can put you on the right path to choosing your colours. For instance, a heritage building with lots of heavy wooden trim will likely look best with rich colours like gold and burgundy, whereas an outdoor ceremony calls for light airy colours like white and green.

2. Stay in Harmony with the Season.

What time of year are you tying the knot? This is another great place to start when it comes to choosing your colours. If you're getting married in the fall, look to the turning leaves for colour inspiration and incorporate vibrant shades of yellow and orange. A springtime wedding, on the other hand, is perfectly suited to pretty pastel colours such as lavender, pistachio green and pale pink.

3. Create the Right Mood.

What type of celebration are you planning? Classic shades like ivory and navy blue convey a sophisticated air, while bright colours like Kelly green and hot pink are perfect for a funky fete. The right colour scheme is an easy way to create a certain ambience for your wedding. Want to know more about colour theory? Check out a colour psychologist's advice here.

4. Think of Your Bridesmaids.

Don't decide on a specific shade without considering your bridesmaids---especially if you expect them to wear the hue from head to toe! Each bridesmaid's hair colour, eye colour and skin tone will affect how a certain colour looks on her, which is why you should choose a shade that flatters everyone equally or give them some options. For example, you can choose several shades of blue---from cobalt to baby blue---so there's something for everyone. Also, Dessy has an ingenious way to make sure you and your bridesmaids are on the same page (no more squabbling about what coral looks like!). Through Dessy's website you can order Pantone Wedding Chiplettes to distribute to your girls (and your vendors). Each Chiplette represents a specific Pantone colour (with a number), and each one corresponds with matching Dessy products such as bridesmaid dresses, ballet flats, etc.

5. Limit Your Options.

There are so many incredible colours to choose from that it's easy to get carried away. Just remember, unless you're planning a rainbow-themed wedding, you'll want to be selective with your colours. As a rule of thumb, pick one main colour and two accent shades. You want your decor to look pulled together, not chaotic!

6. Get Inspired by Your Bouquet.

When in doubt, look to your favourite flower to establish a colour palette. This is a simple way to start narrowing down your colour options. For example, if red roses are a must-have, you might want to avoid green and white accents for fear of creating a Christmas vibe. Likewise, if you're determined to have sunflowers in your bouquet, pastel bridesmaid dresses probably aren't going to work.


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