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6 Fun Ideas For Celebrating Your Original Wedding Date

  |   By Kimberly Aglipay

Photo via iStock.

For couples who have postponed their wedding date to later on in the year or next year, it may be worthwhile to celebrate your original wedding date. You may have put careful thought into your original wedding date, or it may have been a sentimental date on which you wanted to celebrate one of the most important moments of your life—it could have been the date of an anniversary, your parents' anniversary, or another important occasion.

There are some fabulous, fun ways to commemorate your original wedding date. Whether it be an event for just you and your spouse-to-be, or you want friends and family to partake in the festivities, we have six great ideas for celebrating your original wedding date.

Invite your nearest and dearest for a very special virtual event. Ask them to get dressed up and join you for a champagne toast from the comfort of your homes. It may also be a good time to update your bridal party and family members on how planning for your new wedding date is going, and any other details they need to know.

Order cake for two from your wedding cake designer. Just because it isn't your wedding date (yet!), doesn't mean you can't have your cake and eat it too. A beautifully crafted dessert is the perfect way to commemorate your engagement and the chance to indulge in some sweetness (after all, cake tasting is a part of wedding planning!).

Have a portrait session with your wedding photographer. If you haven't had an engagement session, or weren't originally planning to have one, this may be a good time to snap some photos. After all, when will you next have this alone time together? Luckily, photographers can still shoot some incredible photos while respecting physical distancing rules. Choose to take your photos in locations meaningful to you, whether that be on your front porch or in your favourite park.

Do a dress rehearsal of your first dance. Now is the perfect time to perfect all the steps to your first foray onto the dance floor. What better time than now to take your wedding outfits for a spin? Plus, it's oh-so romantic to dance with your partner in your living room. Bonus points if you hang up some string lights on your balcony or patio for a swoon-worthy ambiance.

Send a little gift to your wedding party. You may very well have a few vendors send you some gifts, but it's a sweet gesture to remember your wedding party—the people who have stuck by you as you planned for not one, but two dates. Let them know you appreciate them by sending them something they can use now, or in the future when you're able to reunite.

Plan a local getaway with your significant other. Take a day trip, just the two of you, to do activities such as hiking, bicycling, or taking a leisurely stroll. Pack a picnic and enjoy each other's company. Make sure you snap some photos to commemorate the occasion!

This article was originally published on Nov 29, 2020

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