5 Wedding Cake Flavours That Go Way Beyond Vanilla


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There are tried-and-true sweet flavours that most couples will look to have for their wedding cake, but here at Weddingbells, we love when couples think outside the box. Recent celebrity weddings (especially the Royal Wedding!) over the past year have inspired some seriously cool cake flavour combinations, ones that go way beyond your traditional vanilla wedding cake. Serve your guests a slice that will delight and surprise their palette. And don’t worry—for a multi-tiered cake, it’s entirely possible for both you and your beloved to have the flavours you want, even if they differ. “All tiers can be flavoured differently, so there can be a variety for your guests to enjoy,” affirms Toronto-based cake designer Donna Maramba of Mademoiselle Vanilla. Here we’ve rounded up five hot wedding cake flavours that you definitely take your dessert game to the next level.

1. Elderflower & Lemon
The combination of the light, lemon flavour with the sweet taste of elderflower with a slight floral, herb-like finish is delicate and delicious—it’s no wonder the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose the flavour combination for their trio of cakes for their wedding last year.

2. Opera
This French cake, made with layers of almond sponge cake that’s been soaked in coffee syrup, coffee and chocolate buttercreams and ganache, is a favourite of Maramba. “It is an elaborate cake, and very time-consuming to make, but well worth every effort,” Maramba says. “This is something coffee lovers should definitely go for.”

3. Hazelnut & Raspberry
The combination of a cake that’s loaded with delicious nutty flavour, complemented perfectly by a light berry-flavoured buttercream is a unique combination. Instead of overpowering the hazelnut flavour with chocolate, this cake allows the nut to shine on its own, and the raspberry perfectly colours the buttercream, making each slice look aesthetically pleasing.

4. Ube & Coconut
This is one flavour combination that Maramba says she gets a lot of requests for. Ube is a root vegetable that can give a cake both a distinctive look and flavour—its purple colour adds whimsy to any cake, and its gentle flavour perfectly complements any strong flavouring. With a coconut-flavoured icing, this cake is perfect for a couple that wants a cake that gives off tropical vibes.

5. Ginger Spice
This cake is a departure from the usual spice-based cakes such as carrot and kicks it up a knotch with the addition of ginger. To balance this cake out, opt for buttercream flavours of vanilla and chocolate, which are enhanced by the combination of spices (this is why everyone loves a spicy hot chocolate!).

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