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5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception Stand Out

  |   By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Looking for ways to really wow your guests? Here's 5 easy ideas to consider:

SEND UNIQUE INVITATIONS Your wedding stationery is one easy and remarkable way to really set the tone for your wedding. So why not show off your unique celebration and style in the form of printed handkerchiefs from Benign Objects (pictured above)? Something as different and pretty is sure to capture your guests' attention.

PRESENT YOUR FAVOURS IN AN APPEALING WAY Whether you're donating to a charitable cause in lieu of favours or treating guests to a simple treat, I strongly believe that presenting them in a respectable and pretty manner is one way to get your guests oohing and aahing. For example, plan on handing out fruit as your thank-you gift? Why not invest in pretty berry baskets like these ones from Shop Sweet Lulu? They're eye-catching and won't be easily forgotten.

SERVE GOOD GREAT FOOD The key to any successful celebration is serving delicious food. To ensure your menu is up to par, be sure that everything being served is a reflection of your style, personality, ambiance and, of course, budget. For more food ideas, read 3 Fun New Foodie Trends to Incorporate Into Your Wedding Spread. Photography courtesy Culinary Capers.

OPT FOR A MORE MODERN GUESTBOOK... Like a photo booth! The return of the old school photo booths have made a comeback and have become a huge hit over the last few years. Whether it's a traditional photo booth or a makeshift one, this is one super-fun way to entertain your guests. Photography courtesy Smile Booth.

HAVE A FUN MUSIC LIST The dance floor is one of best parts of the evening for everyone–so ensure that your DJ/band has your list of must-play songs. To shake things up, try handing out DJ request cards to all your guests and see where the night takes you. Want to know a list of all the hottest songs of summer? Read the Top 5 Most Requested Wedding Songs. Photography courtesy The Wedding Chicks.

This article was originally published on Aug 05, 2011

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