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5 Things People Love (And 5 Things They Don't) About Weddings

  |   By Angie Kovacs

Planning your wedding means focusing on everything that will make it the most memorable day of your life. While your wedding is ultimately for you, your guests will be thinking about both the highlights and the lowlights of the day. There are many parts of your wedding that your guests will be looking forward to, and others that they may not enjoy. Keep this hit list of loves and hates in mind when planning your event!


People love...celebrating the joy!

You've invited your guests to your wedding because you want to share in the joy of your big day with them. Your friends and loved ones are attending because they're just as excited as you are to see this special moment. 


Great food and drink

While everyone sharing in your big day is there to celebrate you, one of the highlights of the day for your guests is a great meal and inspired wedding menu. An open bar is also a major highlight for many wedding guests who'd like to heartily partake in the celebration.


Watching the bride walk down the aisle

It’s a cliché for a reason. Getting a first glance of the wedding dress and watching everyone tear up is the best part of the wedding for many guests and is one of the most memorable parts of the day.


The first dance

It’s sweet to watch you and your loved one share a first dance. This ultra-romantic moment is a chance to share in your bliss and take the perfect photo of the bride and groom. This is definitely one of the best Instagram moments of the party!


The social scene

While celebrating at your reception your guests are also able to catch up with their own friends and loved ones that they don’t often see. This reunion is a highlight of the day for many who don't often get to connect with family and also for old friends who may not have seen each other for years.


People don't love...the expense

While you may be considering the price tag on your big day, your guests are doing the same. A wedding gift is a part of any attendees wedding to-do list, but depending on your ceremony plans your guests may also be considering a hotel stay, travel, and possibly a new, wedding appropriate, outfit. Keep this in mind if you receive some invite declines... it may not be in the budget to celebrate with you.


Long speeches

While hearing your parents share their love and happiness for you for 20 minutes may make you feel so special, not all of your guests love when speeches go on and on (and on). Often wedding speeches are very specific and can only be truly appreciated by the bride and groom. Longer speeches will often lose the attention of your guests who can't reminisce with the speakers specific memories. Work with your speechmakers to ensure their content is curated.


Watching you complete your wedding paperwork

While some couples opt to complete the legal side of the ceremony ahead of the big day to save their guests the wait, others choose to wait for the ceremony to sign their marriage certificate. This often long task shifts the mood for your guests and can add time to an already long ceremony. Consider this when planning yours.


An unclear dress code

What you wear to an outdoor summer wedding will be different than the dress for a ballroom affair. Letting your guests know exactly what is expected of their attire takes the guesswork out of preparing for the big day. Guests don't like being uncertain of what they should be wearing and don’t want to be inappropriately dressed.


Confusing or unwanted seating

The seating chart may be a stressful part of the wedding planning, but it can also be stressful for your guests. Creating a singles table, or free-for-all seating can leave your guests stressed and confused during your reception. Keep it simple and succinct so everyone knows where to sit and is comfortable with it.

This article was originally published on Feb 28, 2020

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