5 Fresh Ways to Style Your Purple Wedding


In 2011, roughly one in four couples included purple in their wedding colour palette, according to XO Group Inc., and this outrageously popular shade is showing no signs of slowing down in 2013. Unfortunately, you can only attend so many purple weddings before they all start to look the same. But what if you’ve been a lifelong devotee of the colour before it became a fad? Do purple-loving brides now need to choose between their favourite colour and an original wedding celebration that won’t look like every other purple party on the planet? Weddingbells votes a resounding no! To prove that you can take even the most tiresome trend and inject some originality, we’ve combed through the vaults to show you five fresh ways of styling a purple wedding celebration. From outrageously girly hues inspired by powder and blush to jewelled tones brazen enough to tempt the most daring of brides-to-be, we’ve got you covered!

The secret? Whether you gravitate toward an Italian garden bursting with lavender or a downtown industrial space awash in amethyst lighting, let your favourite colour inspire your big day without dictating its entire look and feel. While selecting a colour as an actual theme may be a comfortable move for couples overwhelmed by their limitless options, doing so puts the reins on originality and prevents your personality from playing the starring role it deserves. Rather than scouring for the perfect shade of purple napkin to circulate during cocktail hour, focus on compiling cute pieces of trivia about you and your partner to print on them. If the ink is purple, excellent, but your guests will likely be too entertained reading about how you spilled a massive roti on your lap on your first date or how you didn’t even like one another until you realized you both had pet rocks as kids to even notice that your wedding colour is the same as everyone else’s.

Whether you decide to spice up your purple palette with one of our original style boards below or prefer to stick with the tried and true, remember to keep the focus on you and your partner, because if the two of you are the “theme”, your wedding will always be original.

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