4 Wellness Retreats For Your 2022 Bachelorette Party


As the new year approaches, many are considering their resolutions for 2022. In many cases, these may focus on wellness, whether that means incorporating a mindfulness practise or finding a type of movement or physical activity that feels good. If your plan for 2022 is to work on self-care — whatever that looks like for you! — you can also consider incorporating a wellness treatment into your bachelorette party! Here, four ideas for totally unique, completely unforgettable, utterly rejuvenating wellness treatments to consider for your bridal party in the coming year. 

Try a float: Sensory deprivation tanks are soundproof, light-proof pods filled with salt water, which allow the user to float in complete darkness, silence, and relaxation. While the idea of shutting yourself in a sensory deprivation tank may seem daunting at first, take heed: studies have shown that sensory deprivation tank therapy can result in muscle relaxation, reduced anxiety, better sleep, and a decrease in pain. Many float studios offer sensory deprivation tank packages that include other wellness treatments, like facials and massages; consider booking one of these for you and your bridal party, for the full relaxation experience. (It should be noted, however, that sensory deprivation tanks are not recommended for those who have claustrophobia, epilepsy, or low blood pressure.)

Book a meditation room: Meditation studios, like Toronto’s Hoame, have been popping up across the country, offering attendees the opportunity to get a bit more mindful in guided sessions, or to simply pop in and use the space for a self-guided grounding session. Consider combining your bridal party’s mindfulness moment with a cozy, healthful meal before or afterwards, and leave your shower leaving refreshed and mentally rejuvenated. 

Heal with hemp: In the three and a half years since its legalization, cannabis products and dispensaries have become ubiquitous across Canada — and spas are no exception. At wellness oases such as St. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ont., and Avie Spa in Montreal, massages and facials can be performed with CBD-infused oils and creams, promising a new level of healing, antioxidant power, and relaxation.  

Get salty: Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, is the process of breathing in air that has tiny salt particles in it. Halotherapy can help ease lung conditions like asthma, bronchitis, and coughs, as well as certain skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Book your bridal party into a salt room, like Nature’s Salt Cave in Guelph, Ont., or Saltwonder in Vancouver for a unique, relaxing, restorative retreat — with health benefits, to boot! 

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