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25 Party Favours for Any Theme

  |  By Savannah Demeter

When it comes to wedding favours, the sky's the limit. And now more than ever, we're watching more and more brides get wildly creative with their guest gifts. We simply couldn't help but share them with you.

From delicious to thoughtful, goofy to heartfelt, here are our favourite wedding favours for your viewing pleasure and future inspiration.


Personalized pencils

Favours by Knot & Bow.

If you're planning a celebration with an artistic twist, these personalized pencils are a creative way to thank your guests. There are really so many reasons to incorporate this gift into your day — maybe you and your partner are teachers or artists, or maybe you just know how everyone could always use another pen or pencil.

The best part is that they can say whatever you want on them!


Personalized seasoning

Favours by Kerri Gilpin

Planning a big backyard BBQ wedding? Or maybe you want to celebrate your southern roots on your special day. Share the mix from your secret family recipe or reach out to your favorite BBQ joint to get a little packet of seasoning for every single guest and let them recreate those delicious meals at home.


S'more for all

Favours by Miss Pickles Press

Whether your wedding day is held at your favourite picnic spot or you're just feeling a little nostalgic about your camp days, why not incorporate a sweet taste of summers gone by into your  Incorporate the yummiest part of camping into your big day with these s'mores favours.

They couldn't be easier to put together on your own and your guests will love the encouragement to go home and have themselves a little marshmallow roast in your honour!



Favours by Boyce Farmer's Market.

Canadiana weddings are more popular than ever these days, both for couples tying the knot in the country and ex-pats missing home. We love the idea of incorporating real maple syrup into your big day to really highlight the sweetness of the occasion and give your guests something to drizzle over their pancakes in the morning after dancing the night away at your big event.


Candy apples

Photography by Taylor Jackson

Whether you're going all out with a carnival-themed celebration or you just love the bold pop of red and abstract heart shape of this glossy treat, candy apples are a brilliant favour.

Source them from your top sweets shop or save some dough by dipping them yourself. Either way, your guests will thank you for this nod to nostalgia.


Wine jelly

Photography by Stec Photographers. Favours by Reif Estate Winery.

Vineyard weddings are sought-after for many reasons, from the ease of creating a stunning vine arch over the vows to the romantic sunset views across the rows of growing grapes. And the easy access to all those delicious vintages, obviously.

It might be tempting to give your guests bottles of wine as their favors, but we love this idea of jars of wine jelly, an alternative that is right on theme but excitingly unexpected!


Fleece blankets

Photography by Lyndsay London. Favors by Ikea.

Outdoor weddings in the fall can make for some stunning photography and a great atmosphere, but with the slightly unpredictable weather, it'd be a shame to leave your guests shivering in an early cold snap.

To keep guests cozy, thank them with fleece blankets they can unravel during the speeches if their arms get chilly.


Customized cookies

Photography by David Gillespie. Favours by Frostitution.

Edible wedding favours are a great choice for so many reasons; the best part of serving up individual cookies is how totally customizable you can make your offerings. From pretty flowers to on-point entwined wedding rings to spooky skeleton cameos if your style is more dark than dreamy, this gift is both sweet and personalized.


Personalized maracas

Favours by Zazzle.

Headed South for a destination wedding? We can't get enough of these adorable personalized maraca favours. Anything playful that you can sneak your wedding date onto is a win, in our books!


Donations for a cause

Photography by Laura McOrmond

At a loss for favours or have a better idea for the money? If there's a cause close to your heart, why not skip cutesy take-home gifts altogether and make a donation in the name of your guests?


Tea light holders

Photography by Absolute Photography. Favours from In Casa Gifts.

If you're looking for something small and simple but also pretty and practical — lightbulb! We love the idea of these elephant tea light holders, but the options are endless! Match your theme, your colour scheme, or gift a call-back of a precious memory you and your partner share.


Custom salt and pepper shakers

Favours by Weddingstar.

Once again, we're big fans of wedding favours that leave you space to showcase your special date. If you and your crew are known foodies, why not opt for something useful and minimalist, like these salt and pepper shakers, to add a little spice to your guests' lives?


Fresh berries

Favours by Duet Weddings.

Consumables are all the rage for wedding favours these days. If you're planning a sunny summer wedding, carry that fresh and fun theme into your guest gifts with delicious cartons of berries they can snack on during the always-too-long father-of-the-bride speech!


Personalized tea bags

Photography by Mango Studios.

Planning an outdoor tea or garden party? Consider thanking guests with personalized tea bags, like the one above. The display options are endless, with so many different rustic colours for the bag, tea flavours, and accompanying notes.

Choose a blend that has some personal significance to you and your partner so your guest is sure to think of you when they brew it up!


Homemade preserves

Photography by Kira Nelson

We've already touched on jelly, but there are plenty of wedding themes that suit this favour option.

Going largely DIY for your special day? We love the idea of serving up jars of homemade jam or preserves, complete with a custom label and cheeky flavour name that celebrates your union.


Photobooth fun

Photography by Tara Graham.

Lots of photo booth options at weddings these days are digital, but opting for one that prints off the results could be a fun way to give your guests a great take-home they'll cherish. Have each printed card include your names and event date so they'll remember the fun they had that night every time they look at their candids.

You can also encourage guests to leave their pics in the guest book beside their well wishes, or choose a photo booth that saves a copy of every shot for the happy couple to look through later!


Custom guitar picks

Photography by Captured Photography. Favours by Clayton Custom Guitar Picks.

We love this idea for the musical couple — perhaps the pair that chose to sing rather than speak their vows. If your big day is big on the tunes, personalized guitar picks are perfect favours for your rock and roll or jazzy wedding!


Seed bombs

Favours by Visualingual.

If you love all things green and don't want that passion to end at the beautiful living centerpieces, why not share your love of nature with family and friends? Give them something to grow themselves that will have them thinking back on the fun of that night every time they admire their flowers or harvest some veggies.


Shot glasses

Photo by Luckie Photography.

When you dream about your wedding, do you picture an unforgettable bash you may or may not remember in the morning?

If you're planning to have a frolicking good time and "Shots" is your theme song, then these personalized shot glass favours are the perfect gift to appease the party animal in you and your guests.


Custom soda

Favours by Jones Soda. Photography by Jessica Zais.

Remember all those trips to the corner store for a cold, fizzy bottle of Jones Soda? If that pop and hiss of a newly opened glass is the background track to your childhood, then you're the ideal target of this wedding favour idea.

Order up a flat of Jones Soda bottles with your photo and wedding date, and send your guests home with a sweet memory.


Paper lanterns

Photography by Michael Grills

Incorporate a beautiful tradition into your wedding by letting guests write their wishes for you on Thai lanterns, like these ones. When the sun goes down, release the lanterns and watch as they twinkle in the night sky.

This is a great choice if many of your guests are traveling for the wedding and won't have room to pack home a take-away favour.


Custom playlists

If you're a music junkie who spent months trying to decide on the tunes for your big day, treat your guests to a personalized playlist. Design your own CD covers or printed cards with a link to the download.

Send them home with the literal soundtrack of the ceremony or compile a combination of your and your partner's favourite melodies — either way, give them all the gift of jamming out!


Personalized fans

Outdoor summer weddings usually provide some beautiful scenery, but they can also leave your guests feeling sticky and sweaty. Get a jump on a hot day by giving everyone a personalized fan as a favour. They're sure to thank you for thinking of their comfort on a day that's all about you!


Custom luggage tags

Photography by Daydream Weddings

If you and your groom love to travel, share your passion with guests through luggage tag favours. This thoughtful and useful gift is sure to go a long way with your road-tripping and jet-setting friends and family.


Homemade cocoa

Favours by Diamond Events.

Planning a winter wedding? What could be cozier than giving your guests the gift of cocoa. These adorable layered mason jars are simple to make yourself and bound to be appreciated.

Add a grown-up angle to this charming gift by giving everyone a tiny bottle of Irish cream liquor, too.

This article was originally published on Mar 19, 2012

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