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Unique Ways To Work Buntings Into Your Wedding

  |   By Bailey Spagat

Buntings are an inexpensive way to brighten up your wedding decor. Perfect for outdoor picnic weddings as well as indoor vintage affairs, they add a colourful and playful touch.

We've looked high and low for the prettiest bunting-inspired creations, from cake toppers and invites to photo backdrops and table decor. There's so much you can do; big or small, these banners can serve as a reminder to chill out and savour the gathering.


Create a playful photo-op

Photo courtesy Daymion Mardel

Buntings are like party streamers that went to private school. Hang them in your wedding colours and patterns for a lovely bridal party photo-op.

Having multiple banners artfully strewn across a wall bumps up the festive feel and creates a nook for professional photographs and spontaneous smartphone captures.


Sweeten up the room

Photo courtesy Vanessa and Jess from Boyfriend/Girlfriend Photography.

Decorate your sweets table with a unique bunting that matches your wedding theme and colour scheme. It can transform a drab white table like nobody's business.

Kudos to you if you can match the bunting to the desserts and candy, too.


Make the most of your monikers

Photo courtesy of Ay Mujer.

Generally, what goes up must come down, and you'll be sorry to see these personalized buntings come down. They look fabulous aloft and provide an interesting spot for eyes to fall.

Custom buntings can include your and your partner's names and don't have to take a triangular flag shape.


Flag your favours

Photo courtesy Emily Hatch

Just look at these rustic favour bags decorated with on-theme buntings. They're absolutely adorable.

The thank you is a nice touch, but it's not a biggie if you leave it out—in fact, guests will have more flexibility when reusing or recycling the bags.


Make a giddy guestbook

Photo courtesy Cut The Cake Designs.

In place of a traditional guest book, opt for cards with a bunting design. We love this concept. It allows guests to write less filtered and self-conscious messages for the bridal couple, and the accessibility encourages more people to engage.

The bunting motif plays up the relaxed nature of the exercise.


Take your thank yous to a new level

Photo courtesy Victorian Station

Prepare for your thank you cards by taking a wedding picture with a "thank you" bunting.

This super cute touch will put a smile on your guests' faces well after the reception is done and dusted.


Organized ornamentation

Photo courtesy South House Boutique.

Display your seating chart on bunting that flows through your reception space or venue's foyer.

This unique take on a wedding must-have will set your seating chart apart. Subtle details like these make events memorable for the right reasons.


Garland the goodies

Photo courtesy Over the Top Studios.

Go the contemporary route with this silhouette cake topper.

The bunting adds a final festive flourish that picks up the entire cake. It's sweet, just as it should be.


Bunting on your baking

But wait, it doesn't end there. Don't just top your cake off with a bunting—decorate every tier with one and double up if there's space.

This is how to make a white cake feel modern and worth more than a perfunctory glance.


Simple signage

Photo courtesy Tie That Binds Weddings.

Want a classy, low-key take on the bunting? Keep your colours neutral and use an elegant font.

You can mark your gift table with a bunting sign. This one fits around a bird cage for cards, perfect for your boho or vintage-inspired reception.


String up your new saluation

Photo courtesy of The Paisley Moon

Decorate your outdoor venue with cute-as-a-button Mr. & Mrs. buntings.

Seeing your new official title up in big lettering will probably be strange, but the warm and fuzzies will be hot on the heels of the weirdness.


Bitty bunting, but not basic

Photo courtesy Blue CoraWe've said it before, and we'll say it again. Top your cake with a mini bunting in your wedding colours, and you won't go wrong.

Bunting toppers elevate plain cakes, literally and aesthetically.


Graffiti your baked goods

Photo courtesy Brittania Drew.

Crown your cake with a unique bunting topper like this one that resembles a clothesline. Mini wooden pegs are precious and can hold up colourful individual letters with aplomb.

Spell out "huzzah!" or "for cake's sake", and you'll get a giggle out of guests.


Instagrammable instructions

Photo courtesy Mirtillo Shop

If you have a photo booth, increase the fun factor and supply guests with funky bunting props to use in their photo shoots.

Or spell out "kiss me" in a bunting and watch couples flock to it like it's mistletoe. A peck and a pic, please.


Sweet seating signs

Photo courtesy Boo Bah Blue

Mark your seats with mini Bride and Groom buntings.

After all, you and your love are the king and queen for the day, and after all the cold hard cash you forked out for the occasion, no one deserves the moniker more.


Savvy save-the-dates

Photo courtesy Purple Peony Couture.

Send out unique save-the-date cards with photos from your engagement photo shoot. Throw bunting in the mix, announcing important details like the where and when and you're good to go.


Burlap bunting for new beginnings

Photo courtesy Sheri Sew Sweet.

Decorate your ceremony venue with a bunting outside the doorway for a great photo op when you leave.

You can't not have a Just Married bunting overhead while happy guests toss sparkly confetti your way. Viva le pomp and ceremony.


Invite nature to the party

Photo courtesy Pickled Parlor

For your woodsy wedding, incorporate natural elements like this pine cone garland cake topper. It's almost like the bunting went on a wilderness retreat and returned a changed decoration.

Use your imagination here—you could include clean feathers or shells for a beachy celebration.


Draw on your decor

Photo courtesy Emily Hatch

Decorate your menu with a bunting in your wedding colours. That's right—all you have to do is draw the bunting to tie the motif into one more decorative element.

No hanging logistics, no cobbling cake toppers together. Attention to detail, sans hectic effort—we like it very much.


DIY decorations for days

Add a personal touch to your wedding by making your buntings instead of buying them. Find suitable string and gift wrap or textured paper you're keen on, and let those creative juices flow for a totally unique accent.

You might surprise yourself with how awesome the end result turns out.

This article was originally published on Jun 21, 2013

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