20 Charming Summer Cakes From Charm City Cakes


Charm City Cakes recently unveiled its 2012 Summer Cake Collection of 20 cakes inspired by modern fashion and classic style icons, such as Frida Kahlo and Carmen Miranda.

The new collection may be a change from what fans saw on Ace of Cakes, the popular Food Network show that documented the whimsical and quirky creations made in the bakery.

“It’s been about one year since the Ace of Cakes finale, and we are eager to redefine ourselves as a design-oriented, custom cake boutique,” says Duff Goldman, owner and founder of Charm City Cakes. “The cakes most frequently highlighted on the show were our more unusual designs, 3-dimensional sculptures and fun, whimsical forms.”

He says classic white cakes accentuated with textures and ruffles have been popular this year, as well as colours such as tangerine, grey and gold. Brides are finding inspiration in everything from art and architecture to fabrics and design.

“This line is meant to showcase what we currently find aesthetically exciting, pulling inspiration from styles through various eras,” he says. “The collection features over 20 cakes which run the gamut from delicate and feminine to bold and modern.”

He says his team meets with each couple individually to sketch out a design and event vision and go over flavour possibilities (this year’s favourites include maple cinnamon bun, lavender honey and passionfruit). So what kind of couple does he envision his new collection suiting? He says someone “trendsetting, modern, creative and innovative. Just like the cakes!”

Take a peek at the amazing cakes from the Charm City Cakes’ 2012 summer collection.

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