Wedding Sweets Trends For 2015

2015 wedding trends - sweets - marshmallow sandwiches

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Can’t decide on which sweet treats to serve guests with at your reception? We don’t blame you! Thanks to the increasing popularity of dessert bars, candy tables, cake pops and other sugary delights, there’s quite a crop to pick from. While a tiered wedding cake is still a staple item, many couples are looking to feature more than one dessert option.

For 2015, we see brides and grooms getting more personal with their sweets. Custom lollipops will be huge this year as will macarons, which will make an appearance on nearly every sweet table. Nostalgic sweets are also making a big comeback – watch for the return of Hostess cupcakes, Twinkies and marshmallow treats of every description.

Our first wedding sweets trend: Macaron Bars.


1. Macaron Bars

Cupcakes, cookies, cakes – there are so many amazing treats to include in a sweet table these days. Candy bars are still fun go-to, but for 2015, we predict a surge in macaron bars. These petite French treats are available in flavours ranging from standard chocolate and vanilla to exotic pistachio and lavender so there will be something to please every guest.

When setting up your macaron bar, think outside the box and have fun with your display. Incorporate ornate glassware and vintage furniture for the ultimate Instagram-worthy dessert spread. Here we’ll show you five ways to interpret the macaron bar trend.


2. Lollipops

We’re dubbing 2015 the year of the gourmet lollipop. With edible florals, sugared fruit and funfetti you can instantly transform these childhood favourites into wedding-appropriate sweets. Gourmet lollipops are also surprisingly simple to make on your own. For more fun lollipop inspiration, we’ve rounded up five pretty suckers that you won’t be able to resist.


3. Marshmallow Sandwiches

Move over s’mores, the marshmallow sandwich is getting a much-needed makeover in 2015. Graham crackers have moved aside and in their place we’re seeing crafty cookies and macaron shells. The standard filling has also been replaced with gourmet marshmallows in every flavour imaginable, creating the ultimate ooey-gooey treat (no campfire required).


4. Nostalgic Treats

Suddenly what was old is new again. Balloons, lace sleeved dresses and long veils are few of the many iconic ideas making a comeback for 2015. The same can be said for sweets; donuts, Rice Krispies Treats and Hostess Cupcakes are just a few of old school treats that are experiencing a revival.

Put your own spin on these lunchbox treats and decades-old dessert ideas to reinvent them for your wedding day. Here are five nostalgic treats reimagined for a wedding dessert spread.


5. Wordy Sweets

We’ve always said that monograms are a brilliant way to brand your wedding. From the stationery to the dance floor, they can be placed everywhere, so why not add them to your wedding treats? They look especially neat on macarons and cookies! Or, if you don’t have a monogram, you can still have fun with words by asking your cake designer to include your vows, the lyrics of your wedding song or favourite lovey-dovey phrases on your wedding cake. To help inspire you we asked Nadia Colella from Nadia and Co. to design some unique sweets with wordy adornments. The result? Five dreamy confections that are sure to be a hit in 2015.

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