Wedding Favour Trends For 2015


Photo by Carlo Mendoza.

Your wedding favours will serve as momentos of your big day. If you’re going to include these fun take-aways for your guests you should definitely put some thought into how you can make them unique and ensure they are things your guests actually want. Afterall, there’s nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on custom candles that get left behind once the reception wraps up!

This year, the most covet-worthy favours include techy items, quirky decor accents and an awesome alternative to the traditional candy bar display. We’ve gathered together 25 of the best wedding favours available — ones we’re sure your guests have never seen before but will be delighted with.

Our first wedding favour trend: Instagram Everything.


1. Instagram Everything

Instagram is one social media craze that has shown no signs of slowing down. Want proof? A group of enterprising companies are basing their entire business models on our collective obsession with the photo-sharing platform. Now, along with sharing your favourite shots with your friends online, you can upload your selfies, travel photos and pet pics on to everything from coasters to marshmallows and temporary tattoos!


2. Quirky Planters

Allowing guests to take home your wedding centrepieces is a nice gesture, but we’re pretty sure they’d rather have a planter with personality — something that will still be alive after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. Succulents and air plants have become a popular favour choice in the past several years but for 2015 we’re taking this hearty desert greenery to the next level with a variety of creative presentations — think gilded dinosaur planters and tiny terrariums that double as escort cards!


3. USB Flash Drive Mixtapes

Love and mixtapes go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately it’s tough to find a tape deck these days — even CDs are virtually played out — but that’s no reason to abandon these long-running sentiment-filled soundtracks. Impress your guests with an ultra-portable playlist of songs that have framed your relationship loaded on to USB flashdrives. You can opt for the standard model engraved with your names or select from a variety of other quirky designs (we’re partial to these nostalgic USB cassettes from Milktape in Victoria, BC).

Looking for some tunes to add to your wedding mixtapes? Check out our Music Guide.


4. Emoji Cookies

A picture is worth a thousand words — case in point: emojis. These tiny digital images have become an essential part of the modern lexicon and you’ve probably used them countless times over the years in texts to your sweetie, so why not incorporate them into your wedding — in cookie form?! These edible sentiments are available in every design under the sun. Here are a few of our favourites.


5. Stationery Bars

Instead of the traditional candy bar with takeaway bags, which has been done about a zillion times before, why not offer your guests a selection of stationery to take home and enjoy?! Put together a pretty display of stickers, washi tape, playful paper clips, pencils, fun erasers, notepads and quirky note cards, then encourage guests to leave a little note for you and pack some stationery for the road!The best part? These sweet treats won’t require a follow-up visit to the dentist.

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