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20 Creative Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding

  |  By Alexandra Davies

Pages after pages of names and the occasional "Congratulations" have been done—it's time to take your wedding guest book to new levels! A guest book is the ultimate keepsake you can cherish for a lifetime and trot out to show your grandkids one day, so it needs to be memorable. Impress everyone with these fun ideas to put a fresh spin on a wedding tradition and give you a souvenir worth the closet space in your marital home.

The marriage mailbox

Photo by Daydream Weddings

Set up a mailbox and pre-addressed postcards as your wedding guest book. Guests can privately write their best wishes for your marriage and have them mailed to your house after the reception. When you return from your honeymoon, you and your hubby can read through each one. It's a great way to ride that blissful wedding wave for just a little while longer.

As seen in this Real Wedding.

The seat of honour

Photo courtesy of Inspiring Pretty

Rather than a simple book, opt for a woodsy lawn chair that your guests can sign with a permanent marker. Make sure to seal the chair with a protective waterproof topcoat to preserve your memories for a lifetime. Then sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy a well-deserved sundowner.

Messages in a bottle

Photo courtesy of Socialphy

Embrace your love for the sea and have your guests place their wishes in a bottle. It is up to you when you decide to read them all! Either way, we're sure you'll treasure the heartfelt words forever.

Typewritten truths

Photo courtesy of CT Designs Inc

Provide a single typewriter with a continuous piece of paper for a vintage wedding. Each guest can type their name and wishes, and it'll be legible enough that you won't have to squint to make out Cousin Ben's chicken scrawl and Aunt June's cursive. After the reception, roll up the paper and tie it with a bow to preserve it.

A barrel of best wishes

Photo courtesy of Grey Likes Weddings

Ready to rock and roll? For a rustic-themed wedding, have your guests sign this large wooden barrel. There is enough room for a large party's messages, and you can even use it for storage post-wedding.

A picture with a 1000 words

Photo courtesy of Pocketful of Dreams

Channel your inner Picasso with this clever and colourful guest book idea. Have your guests paint their wishes on an easel for you to hang up in your home. The act of painting can loosen everyone up and really get the party started. Consider providing an apron for temporary protection of formal wear.

A cache of corks

Photo courtesy of Rock Paper Scissors

Have your guests sign these wine corks at a vineyard wedding. They make great vase-fillers and you can keep them around forever. Cheers to that!

Love is a puzzle

Photo courtesy of Bella Puzzles

With this puzzle piece guest book, your loved ones can write individual notes on each piece, and you and your mister can put them together. With every piece, you will be reminded of your special day and those who shared it with you. It's a no-brainer!

Time-traveling ties

Photo courtesy of Bragging Bags

We love this concept! Use a time-capsule guest book box to store notes from your loved ones for your future selves. Decide whether you want to open the time capsule on your 10th anniversary or further down the line and read each note on that day. It's something to look forward to in your new life together.

Serve up some sweet words

Photo courtesy of The Younique Boutique

Preserve your guests' notes with this clever and reusable commemorative plate! Not only is it super easy to set up, but you and your partner can mount it decoratively in a quirky home study or use it for entertaining. Guests who come over post-wedding will instantly be transported to your big day and its happy memories.

Photo courtesy of The Younique Boutique

Let your guests leave their mark

Photo courtesy of Jennifer J Designs

Add a personal touch to your guest book—literally. Have your guests imprint their thumbs on this stunning tree drawing using finger paint. They can sign their "leaf" so you can remember who joined you in celebrating your marriage. This is an undemanding and fun way to make guests feel more involved in your special day.

Whimsical wishing stones

Photo courtesy of The Papery Nook

If you are having a nature-infused wedding, try out these wishing stones where each guest can sign, write a message, or provide marriage survival tips. You and your spouse can play a drinking game to see how many times guests used puns like 'we're a stone's throw away anytime you need us' and 'here's to a marriage that's as solid as this rock.' The bonus? You can decorate your home and garden with them, too!

The game of love

Photo courtesy of The Papery Nook

Tell your loved ones to write notes on Jenga game pieces. Whether you play post-wedding Jenga with boo or friends and family members who were guests at your reception, you can reminisce about your big day and its funny moments.

In full swing

Photo courtesy of Blue Fox Willow

For the ultimate love story wedding, have your guests sign their names and messages on a wooden tree swing. Attach the swing to a tree outside your home where you can relax after a long day and focus on warm and fuzzy memories.

Hashtag another year

Photo courtesy of Preston Event Planning

Talk about organization! This two-in-one idea is genius as it incorporates table assignments and a guest book. Now you'll never forget how you painstakingly came up with seating charts, who sat at Table 5, and the shenanigans they got up to. We love how his couple decided to open a different guest book for every anniversary.

Marital mad libs

Have your guests fill out these bride and groom madlibs for a unique way to add some humour to your wedding. Not only will your guests love it, but you and your husband or wife will also spend hours guffawing at their hilarious answers. The next time you see or chat with a friend, you can tell them how much stand-up comedian potential they might have.

Photo courtesy of Weddings By Jamie.

Picture perfect

Photo by Karri North Photography.

To add some creativity to your guest book, dare your guests to predict where they see you two in X amount of years via drawings. Flipping through them will have you in tears from laughing so hard! Most people can't draw very well, but stick figures with dialogue bubbles are all you need to induce good-natured giggles.

As seen in this Real Wedding.

Love gone platinum

Photo by Rachel Peters Photography.

Have your guests sign their names and a short message on vinyl records for your music-themed wedding. Choose albums that will play during your big day for an even greater impact. We're sure this guestbook will hit the right note.

As seen in this Real Wedding.

Polaroid memories

Photo by Tara Graham Photography.

Set up a photo booth where guests can take instant pictures, glue them into a book and write a special note to you and your other half. You'll cherish the goofy photos and lovely messages, and the next time photo subjects are in a bad mood, you can remind them how amazing they looked at your nuptials by sharing a pic.

As seen in this Real Wedding.

A little give and take

Photo courtesy of Jena D Events

Every good marriage has a little give and take. Share the love with this "make a wish, take a wish" guest book idea. One bowl holds wishes written by your guests, while the other holds wishes for your guests to take home. This is a surefire way to put smiles on faces.

This article was originally published on May 30, 2012

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