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21 Stunning Flowerless Bouquets Perfect For Fall Weddings

  |   By Bailey Spagat

You can get your hair and makeup done and wear evening gowns and high heels to any fancy gala. A bouquet, however, is a unique wedding accessory reserved for brides. With the arrival of the cooler weather, fresh blooms can be increasingly difficult to come by. Instead, why not consider a non-floral bouquet? We've scoured Etsy and beyond for the prettiest flowerless options. The best part is that these bouquets will last forever (except the ones you eat!) and are a special keepsake from your wedding day.


A sequined touch

Image via Bead Flora Jewels

French and Venetian beaded flowers have been around since at least the 16th century. They're an art form painstakingly crafted by stringing beads onto wire to form petals, sepals, and stamens. The beaded accent here is a tasteful pink colour—it's an appealing addition to faux roses and fluffy Ostrich-like feathers. You can use the bouquet to brighten up a feminine office or shelf space when the wedding's over.


Bejewelled dried florals

Image via Emici Bridal

This luxurious bouquet from Livet Studio is so elegant. Livet's high-quality work is well-known and has even appeared on the Netflix series Lucifer. The flowers are handmade, and use materials such as Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, real gemstones, freshwater pearls, and silk pressed with antique tools. It's a splurge, but you can arrange the individual flower stems however you like after your big day or treasure the arrangement forever.


A broach bouquet

Perhaps you have brooches that are family heirlooms or hold sentimental value for you—your something old, as it were. A brooch bouquet can be the perfect opportunity to honour your grandma or pay homage to certain people or memories. Or it could just be a cute and unconventional statement bouquet that reflects your personality via colourful baubles and blingy motifs. Perhaps one day, your future daughter can carry your 30-brooch arrangement when she walks down the aisle.


Pearls and diamonds for days

Image via Noaki

Perhaps you've opted for a simple dress you can tweak to wear multiple times. Accessories can be the way you inject the wow factor into your wedding outfit—an ornate hairpiece, a killer pair of shoes, and a breathtaking bouquet like this sparkly floral ball arrangement with different types of intricate jewel blossoms.


A sterling stunner

Image via Hair Bows Wonder World

This silver bouquet isn't awash with pastel colours, at least not in the black and white photo, but it's feminine and reflects strength and intention. We love how the arrangement incorporates softer, wispy elements, pearls, and beads for added texture and dimension. This is a solid bouquet for a solid start to a marriage.


Feathers in lieu

Image via Ardesign

You're ready to embark on a new chapter. This shabby chic bouquet uses feathers, symbolic of freedom and journeying, to add an organic touch. It's ideal for a rustic wedding, and the ribbons can match your colour scheme. Just make sure you trust your florist, or your bouquet will look like a broom and then you won't be happy as a lark on one of the most important days of your life.


A peacock procession

Image via Serendipity By Suzanne

Peacocks never fail to dazzle with their iridescent tails, colours on the cooler end of the spectrum, and eye-like markings. These physical characteristics exist for courtship and demonstrate vitality and a burgeoning relationship, so peacock feathers make total sense for a wedding aesthetic if you think about it. Peacocks were a good luck symbol in China and associated with royalty in India, where the blue species comes from. If you've always appreciated this bird's spectacular plumage, you can hero the feathers in your bouquet and get your bridesmaids to carry single quills made sturdier by an additional stem.


Bouquets of buttons

Image via Miss Jennifer Rae

Like brooches, buttons come in all shapes and sizes, so if this arrangement is too cottagecore for you, your button bouquet journey need not end here. We think this layered and stitched accessory with subtle shiny embellishments and silver ribbons is quirky and just the thing for a bride who loves cheery sunshine yellow.


All the fall florals

There's something about fall that warms the cockles of our hearts. It might have something to do with the season's palette that radiates heat and coziness, even as the temperatures drop. Foliage like eucalyptus and flowers such as chrysanthemums, celosias, sedums, and zinnias are available this time of year and look gorgeous in bouquets, so if you want a bouquet with at least some real flowers, pick your favourites from the autumnal bounty.


Naturally sweet

Image via Edible Arrangements

You don't need to be a registered dietitian or a patisserie chef to appreciate the idea of an edible arrangement. Whether you opt for cantaloupe balls and malleable pines shaped like flowers, hearts, and butterflies, or a more sophisticated bouquet of gourmet-chocolate-dipped strawberries, this concept is one we can get on board with. The bouquet takes center stage during the early part of proceedings and elicits oohs and aahs. You'll get your photo ops with it, but then you and your husband or wife can have a much-needed snack while you wait for the proper food to arrive. No mess, no fuss!


Berry-ful ball

Image via April Hiler Designs

This is an altogether different prospect from the edible arrangement. Here, blueberries add a fresh and edgy decorative touch to a floral bouquet in rich, deep shades of pink and red. This one is bursting with passion and romance and looks festive enough for a Christmas wedding too.


Sweet tooth selection

Photography courtesy Modern Life Studios

Is your inner child screaming at the prospect of a candy bouquet? Ours too, we promise. We love this candy cone for its sheer whimsy and carefree spirit. It's a highly Instagrammable mood booster with a carefully considered smattering of colours. It also looks super yummy and appropriate for the ultimate cheat day. This arrangement is for the easygoing bride who knows when not to take life too seriously.


Rock candy revival

Photography courtesy Red Ribbon Studio

Rock candy looks faintly floral. We're thinking of larkspurs, amaranth, red hot pokers, and foxgloves. So it's not too much of a stretch to put together a fun-loving budget bouquet with a dozen or two rock candy sticks in your theme's colours. Sweet idea, huh?


Pretty with paper

Image via Whether Paperworks

It takes a while to get your first origami flower right, but once you get the hang of it, you'll have enough paper blooms for an environmentally-friendly upcycled bouquet in no time. This newspaper-derived arrangement also has a vintage feel to it if your theme is leaning in that direction. Contrast the main material with a different colour paper for visual interest.


Pastel paper pansies

Image via Manda Girl Designs

Your decor is dainty, and you want your low-impact bouquet to enhance the vibe. Stationers sell a wide array of plain and printed paper to give you just the look you're after. This arrangement uses various pastels to create pansies with pearly centers.


For the pinwheel princess

Image via Rule 42

Pinwheels or whirligigs are toys that date back millennia. They spin when air is blown on them, and other than being sources of joy, they represent the cyclical nature of life. The Chinese saw the pinwheel as a symbol of turning your luck around, so if you have a new lease on life or feel like your wedding is a second chance, carrying a pinwheel could be right up your alley.


Woodsy wedding bouquet

Image via The Flower Patch

Meadow bouquets and wildflower arrangements look earthy and go well with rustic decor. Dried botanicals and foraged branches have loads of texture in neutral hues—they're cost-effective and make wonderful living room vase fillers when your reception is in the rearview mirror. Just ensure the sun doesn't hit them directly, or they'll lose what little colour they have.


For a prairie promise

Image via The Coral Boutique

Bromus catharticus, pampas, wheat, sorghum, and straw palms are grains and grasses that look fantastic in prairie-inspired bouquets. Opt for one type of grass for a simple but high-impact arrangement, or weave some baby's breath and gomphrena to soften the aesthetic.


She sports seashells

She sells seashells on the seashore. Say that five times fast, then appreciate that you won't have to do any tongue twisters at your reception. All you'll have to do is bask in being an ocean goddess with a bouquet worthy of Salacia. An arrangement with cockles, conches, murexes, scallops and Scotch bonnets is a surfer girl's dream and will swim its way into your guests' recollections for years to come.


A handful of sparkles

Show your spouse that you're the light of their life with this sparkly collection wrapped up in a bow.


Forego flowers for a fan

Image via Olele

How (fan)tastic would it be if you could have a hand-held fan on your person during a midsummer wedding, rather than a completely non-utilitarian albeit pretty bunch of blooms? Fans allow you to swish your worries away and enjoy the moment, and temporarily cover your face when you suspect you have spinach in your teeth.

This article was originally published on Sep 26, 2011

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