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17 Unpredictable Wedding Favours That Your Guests Will Love

  |  By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Wedding season is in full swing, and your guests are seeking an occasion to remember. For those of us in the planning stages, this means selecting favours that'll satisfy a diverse ensemble of our favourite folks. Seeking the perfect wedding favour but want to sway from the traditional chocolates or classic bonbonnieres? Want something special that your guests will never forget? We've scoped out some unexpected treasures we think your guests will love, use, and keep for years to come.


Whimsical jars

Let them eat cake, or take it home for the night in these creative containers. Package it in a jar like this, and be prepared to hear oohs and aahs coming from across the room. This rainbow confection with creamy frosting and sprinkles covers all your flavour bases, but there's nothing wrong with going gaga over double dark chocolate or red velvet either.


Mini bottles

Image via Beau-Coup.

For the foodie in you, why not serve some mini oil and vinegar bottles? It's a go-to gift any guest has some use for, and DIY containers will spell out your love story for as long as they're in use. Design a label tailored just for the two of you, and let your guests do the rest.



Image via acoliver

Light up your entire celebration with some sparkler action at the end of the evening ⁠— guests will LOVE it! It's completely unexpected, exciting, and a great way to top off the night with a bang. That paper label? Make no mistake — your wedding party will be discussing your wedding night for years down the line.


Handmade soap

Image via Prunella

For another eco-chic idea, why not hand out wrapped handmade organic soap? You can DIY and create a one-of-a-kind concoction of colours and scents, or find a signature scent your guests can't resist (think: lavender to match your lavender bouquets, for instance). Either way, the evening will stay with their senses.


Petite plants

Image via Intimate Weddings

Show off your green thumb in the form of eco favours like these petite herbal plants. Cute, useful, and good for the planet? We can't resist. Choose a plant tailored for your unique wedding ceremony; a forest setting requires a much different arrangement than one at an alpine resort, but both make the evening all the more magical.


Mini totes

Image via Benign Objects

Impress your wedding guests with cute mini totes that are personalized with their very own names. It adds personal charm to the occasion and makes them feel like a valuable part of this once-in-a-lifetime moment.


Floral handkerchiefs

Image via Benign Objects

Nothing says southern charm quite like these chic floral handkerchiefs. It gives off vintage vibes we're loving, and it's chic in a way we don't see so often anymore. With pretty calligraphy displaying your names and celebrating this special occasion, these are pretty and usable favours your guests will treasure.


Engraved pencils

Image via Knot and Bow

For your rustic celebration, why not hand out natural wood pencils with monogrammed engraved words of your choice? It matches the theme effortlessly while giving guests an excuse to get their hands dirty. A full set like this? A great gift and a wonderful way to remember the occasion without going overboard.


Infused sugar

Image via Sugar and Charm

Plan on sending your party people off with something sweet? Why not give them a sweet surprise in the form of infused sugar in delish flavourings like lemon, lavender, and lime? This is something we don't see often, so we're loving the creativity and personalized touch. Wrap them up with a bow, display them, and let your guests pick a few of their favourites.


Fresh bread

Image via Intimate Weddings

What better way to thank guests than with a delicious loaf of baked bread? They'll know it comes from the heart, and the dedication and hard work that goes into baking that loaf serves as a metaphor for your marriage, too. A powerful double meaning and they're delicious? Another slice, please.


A jolt of java

Image via Apropos Roasters

Show off your love for java with personalized coffee beans wrapped in organic packaging. If you're feeling extra energized, create a sampler of your favourite flavours, and let guests do the choosing. It gets the conversation flowing while sharing a taste of your personal favourites, so what's not to love?


Vintage matchbook notepads

Image via Soma Venus

Infuse your vintage celebration with these cute and vintage matchbook notepads. Your guests will be swapping and sharing them throughout the entire reception, and for years to come. An oh-so-retro way to dress up your day, they make great favours for guests of all ages.


Honey pennants

Image via Da Sweetz Pot

Leave a tasty treat for your family and friends in the form of honey pennants — the perfect little sweet to add to their tea or coffee. The best part? They're available in a variety of honey flavours including peppermint, orange blossom, and blackberry. Surprise your guests with a sampler, or give them a random flavour and watch them trade for their favourites. It's a tasty and useful way to top off the night.


Disposable cameras

Image via Beau-Coup

Surprise guests with something more old school at their dinner tables — disposable cameras. This gives them a way to make their own favours, as they'll remember the night with snapshot after snapshot of over-the-top moments.


Custom sparkling water

Image via Ruffled.

In lieu of water, treat your nearest and dearest to a sparkling beverage with a customized label of your liking. It looks and feels fancy, adding instant elegance to the evening itinerary. Long after it's empty, this sleek bottle makes an opulent display on any shelf.



Image via Sweet Stylings

Thinking about serving up his and hers favours? For the ladies (especially if your wedding falls during the fall or winter months) Pashminas are a welcoming alternative. Highlight your special moment with themed colours tailored just for the two of you.


Take-home cookie mix

Image via Bakerella

Make guests work for their favours with a take-home cookie mix of your choice. It'll bring out anyone's inner sweet tooth, and it's a fun project that'll have them reliving the moment with every bite.

This article was originally published on Oct 07, 2011

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