15 Reasons Why Winter Engagement Photos Are The Best

  |   By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Let's face it. With impromptu snowstorms, frigid temperatures, and corporate parties booking every available venue around the holidays, winter can be a challenging time to plan a wedding. It is, however, the best season for engagement photos. Picture soft falling snow, fun Christmas lights, secluded ice rinks, and cozy flannels; need we say more?

To get you inspired about taking advantage of Canada's winter weather, we've sourced amazing romantic images that'll have you saying "I do" to a winter engagement photo session.


Prop up your photoshoot

Photo by A Sunshine Moment

Winter is probably the only time you can actually find dollar store decor that will work as photo props. Work Christmas lights into your engagement shoot for a fun, festive image.

When the twinkling in those lights matches the twinkling in your eye, you have one special moment. We love the way they connect the couple in this sweet shot.


A Christmas tree kiss

Photo by Kate Headley

Off to pick your Christmas tree? Turn the activity into a fun engagement session with your other half. (Any other time of year you might look like maniacs posing with a cut conifer.)

Sweet yet simple, this is an excellent low-budget option. Likewise, working your tree (and other holiday touches) into photos is an adorable representation of your soon-to-be family.


Trade top-down for gift-wrapped!

Photo by Haley Sheffield

Driving around with gift-wrapped boxes on your roof? Totally kosher at Christmas! For a quirky shot, wrap large boxes with gift wrap and place them atop your vehicle, or the cute vintage car you've borrowed.

This shot gives gifts a celebratory touch with oversized bows and a seasonal colour scheme, and we love how the couple played it up with their own attire. Too cute.


Go, Team True Love

Photo by Brooklyn D Photography

Winter means fewer people at the park to photobomb your outdoor shots. Wear matching hockey jerseys and use markers to create a hockey puck prop. Show devotion to your fave team, or design matching DIY jerseys just for the occasion.

This one is oh-so-sweet, and with the rink nearly empty, you'll have countless opportunities for similar cute pics.


15 Reasons Why Winter Engagement Photos Are The Best

Photo by Something Gold Photography

One word: Mistletoe. Transform any indoor space into a romantic scene with twinkle lights and a hanging sprig of this infamous kissing plant.

Not only does it fit the occasion, but it pairs perfectly with the holiday theme for a magical moment you'll remember forever. Go for coordinating outfits like this cute duo, and prepare for a lifetime of "awww"s.


Snow-capped scenery

Photo by Colson Griffith Photography

Some of Canada's greatest landscape shots have been captured in the winter months. Use snowy surroundings to your advantage, like this couple did, for some amazing engagement photos. You don't have to live in Banff National Park for this one to work in your favour.

Incredible beauty awaits in every province, so make your mark during photo sessions with snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, and crystal-clear lakes.


Dress up the dogs

Photo by Haley Sheffield

Even Fido looks ten times cuter at Christmas. If your pooch will be part of your engagement shoot, consider dressing him up like a reindeer or one of Santa's elves! Even your precious pups will be head over heels during this magical moment, so why not feature them in the pics?

Not only that, but getting Fluffy and Fifi prepared for your photo session makes for excellent bonding while taking the pressure off.


Outside-the-box quote opportunities

Photo from Lily & Val

The winter months also present the opportunity to include quotes that haven't been used a zillion times before. Strike a pose with a cool rustic sign like this one. Against a backdrop of lush forest or snow-topped peaks, this seemingly simple pose becomes a thousand times better.

Get creative with your quote so it reflects both your relationship and the occasion, or go for a solid classic, like this cute couple.


Make skating romantic again

Photo by Pink Elephant Photography

Running in the park together? Nope, that will not work as an engagement photo option, and the sweating's enough to turn anyone off. Skating, however? That's one outdoor activity perfect for capturing candid, romantic shots.

The sun shining between this adorable duo makes our hearts melt, and you can do the same for your own special announcement.


Immortalize your winter sports

Photo by Daniel McQuade Photography

The ski hill is one amazing winter photo location that you may not have considered. Head out on a weekday to ensure you'll have a hilltop to yourselves for a few precious moments with your photographer. Not only do you get snaps with breathtaking scenery, but you'll capture natural reactions to a hobby you both enjoy.

This couple took it a step further with coordinating snowsuits in hues of blue, which reflects the "something blue" in wedding traditions. Sweet and symbolic? Yes, please.


Seek out some snowflakes

Photo by Sara Monika, Photographer

Is there anything more romantic than a forest after a fresh snowfall? Seek out nearby hiking trails for some cozy engagement photographs. There's no shortage of snow in Canada this time of year, so if you don't get it right the first time, you'll have multiple opportunities to snap that perfect pic.

This couple's love looks as pure as the snow surrounding them, and we can't help but tear up.


Easy access to a "white" board

Photo via Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Beaches can be hard to come by, but snowy fields: we've got those in spades! Create a huge heart in the snow to transform an average wintery shot into something truly fantastic.

Carving it out is a sweet act you'll both share, and while it looks enchanting, this is an easy way to DIY those engagement photos. The forest backdrop takes this one over the edge, yet we still can't look away from that head-over-heels duo.


Skip the stylist

Photo by Renessa Leneah Photography

Another reason we love winter engagement shots? No need to worry about hair and wardrobe! Just grab your favourite toque and a cosy blanket and you're set!

Get playful and take photos while you two are joking around or sharing stories to capture the most natural reactions. These two, for instance, look like they're cuddling under the covers and we're getting a glimpse into their personal world.


Make with the mistletoe

Photo by Ryan Ray

Mistletoe isn't just for indoor shoots, and we love all the creative ways you can work it in. Use this holiday greenery as a cheeky photo prop in any location to spice up your shots.

Whether it's in the middle of the wilderness like these two or the middle of the hockey arena, working this kissing plant into photos symbolizes your love in a not-so-subtle way.


Seasonally sequined

Photo by Courtney Beck Photography

And finally, in what other season can you justifiably wear a sequin dress for your engagement photos? End your winter photo session by grabbing your favourite bejewelled frock and heading out for a sweet kiss amidst snow-capped trees.

Go all-out in your best gown, or try something more low-key with a sleek mini and a lot of love. The way these two are connected, we're only surprised the moment hasn't come sooner. Repeat after us: "cuuuuuute!"

This article was originally published on Nov 04, 2015

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