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15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid

  |  By Sophie Diego
15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid

When planning a wedding, couples want to think outside the box to ensure their celebration is one-of-a-kind. This means turning toward trends or other weddings for real-life inspiration and scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram to discover what's trending. Some couples, however, don't realize they may be looking at ideas from years past — ideas that are seriously outdated and can make your celebration look even more so. Instead of adopting one of these no-go's, choosing alternatives ensures that your wedding looks timeless. From wedding crocs to vaping props, here are wedding trends that need to go away already.


Ice Sculptures

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via Art Below Zero

For an OTT wedding, an ice sculpture would be a welcome addition. But for most, we advise spending your money on decor that will make your overall venue look amazing. While ice sculptures are simply stunning to look at, they're also costly, and let's be honest; they probably don't relate to your wedding theme whatsoever. Rather than spending your entire decor budget on a single element, consider the countless possibilities you could have.


Vaping Wedding Photos

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via Vaptio

These photos don't highlight the meaning of your wedding. Instead, they indicate that the two of you vape. Stick to more classic, traditional couple portraits to evoke the romance of your big day. This idea isn't as quirky as you think.


Twine Ball Wedding Decor

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via MuchoCrafts

The twine ball has been used for decor in countless celebrations. Let's be honest; what is exactly appealing in a ball of twine? Stick to florals and candles for your wedding decor, and ditch this DIY project. It's beyond basic, and you have too many options to go the easy route.


Crowded Signage

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via BeauMonde Originals

Wedding signs should be simple, concise, and to the point. They should reveal useful information such as where guests are seated, where to put the wedding gifts or a reminder to turn off cellphones during the ceremony. Save guests the time and confusion of having to read a long-winded message, and keep any signage short and sweet.


Cheesy Cake Toppers

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via JulsToppers

We're all about keeping wedding toppers to a minimum, as this tradition has long moved past those standard "bride and groom" cake toppers. We especially think you should ditch cringey ball and chain cake toppers, such as this one. If we knew you hated each other, we wouldn't be here, would we?


Wedding Crocs

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via Princesspumps

Crocs should stay as beachwear or for a quick run to the convenience store to buy milk — not as wedding-appropriate footwear. If you must wear flat shoes, we suggest you stick to sneakers or sandals instead. Find a sleek pair that coordinates with your gown, and you've reached fashion icon status.


Live Streaming The Wedding

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via Alicia Cody

Couples that live stream the wedding want to ensure that everyone will get to see them exchange vows—even if there are guests who cannot make it. But planning a whole live streaming production can ruin the ambiance of your big day — and interfere with your wedding photos. Live in the moment and leave any recording to the photographers.


Dance Entrances To The Altar

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via AmbientDj

Just because Pam and Jim did it in The Office doesn't mean that you should too. There are times to be silly and times to be serious. The first walk down the aisle is definitely not the time to show everyone how good you are at busting the Tootsie roll. Save the dancing strictly for the reception!


The Wedding Carriage

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via D_M_D

Even if you want a Cinderella moment, there are much more practical ways to achieve it. Although the carriage works well for outdoor venues, leave the horses off the roads and opt for modern-day transportation instead. This screams "straight out of the 80s," and chances are, that's not what you're aiming for on your big day.


The Naked Wedding Cake

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via Eldriva

This barely-iced cake trend has been long overdone. No one should be afraid of a little frosting—and colour, too! Sure, it's healthier, but your special day is about celebrating, not cutting calories. If there's any day to go above and beyond with your cake, this is the one, and yes, that includes frosting, candy, flowers, and whatever else you see fit.


Bejewelled Wedding Bouquets

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via LittleCandiceCrafts

Whether you use a few jewels in your bouquet or you decide to carry a whole collection of them, ditch this dated trend and stick to flowers. Colourful bouquets of bright, bold blossoms are beautiful all on their own.


The Garter Toss

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via Perfect Wedding Guide

This cringe-worthy tradition makes any wedding look seriously outdated. Leave it in the past where it belongs. It can also feel somewhat sleazy and cheapen an otherwise luxurious ceremony, so embrace modernity with newer, more innovative traditions and pull off something your guests won't expect.


Mason Jars As Ceremony Decor

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via Angela Scheiderich

Mason jars are the bread and butter of Pinterest DIYs. But this trend had its time way back in 2013, and it's not coming back anytime soon. To avoid having your wedding look seriously dated, opt for other budget-friendly wedding decor projects. While this might suit a more rustic, laid-back ceremony, it just doesn't make the grade for more traditional celebrations.


The Cake In The Face Tradition

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via Dennis Drenner Weddings

Your wedding is an occasion to have fun and be playful—within reason. The cake smash in the face might not be well received by everyone, so put this tired trend to rest. No bride or groom will want to be wearing cake for the rest of the night, so keep the dessert strictly for eating! Want to embrace your playful side? Bring it out on the dance floor instead.


Flash Mobs

15 Outdated Wedding Trends To Avoid Photo via Alchemy Events NOLA

Flash mobs—whether it be for the proposal or at the wedding — have had their time. While they were once fresh and fun in 2004, today they seem overly done and tired, not to mention a little too cheesy and way too much work for something so dated. Wow your guests with something — anything — more creative.

This article was originally published on Nov 05, 2019

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