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15 Bridal Instagram Accounts To Follow To Inject Your Feed With Some Much-Needed Positivity

  |  By Kimberly Aglipay

With so much happening at once, brides are facing added stress and anxiety surrounding wedding planning. While you may be constantly checking your IG feed for updates, sometimes you just need a break. Since you'll be on Instagram anyway, check out a few inspiring wedding-related accounts that will fill your feed with humour, inspiration, and some much-needed positivity.



This hilarious account posts relatable memes about brides, bridesmaids, and everything that comes with planning a wedding. If stress is overwhelming your life right now, you're far from alone, and this account helps take the pressure off with every post.



For amazing floral inspo, look no further. This Toronto-based studio has specialized in creating some of the most incredible floral arrangements, installations, and bridal bouquets, and even teaches floral classes and workshops through their sister business, Bloom School. Whether you're just getting started or seeking that final flower to add to your bouquet, this account is one helpful resource. They do lush bouquets like no other can, and we can't help but look.



Whether you want wedding cake inspo, ideas for cool sweet table treats, or just don't mind seeing drool-worthy, beautifully styled macaroons and cookies pop up on your timeline, this Calgary-based business should be the next account you follow. It's truly a sweet tooth's dream, and our mouths were watering after five minutes — you've been warned.



Couples who are searching for beautiful calligraphy wedding invitations, as well as paper and letterpress lovers, will enjoy this account, which posts gorgeous inspiration for stationery suites and useful information for fans of the art of lettering. Calligraphy might seem like a lost art recently, but that's far from the case. Discover beautiful and elegant lettering at the highest level.



You'll no doubt be hit with a serious dose of wanderlust after following Carey Nash, whose account includes inspiring travel shots and wedding photography all rolled into one—his incredible snaps were the reason why he was chosen as the Best Photographer in the Weddingbells Canadian Wedding Awards For 2020. If you've never had the desire to explore the scenic views of our beautiful country and beyond, we're confident you will when you see the spectacular, breathtaking photos that Nash snaps of adventurous couples traipsing atop snowy mountains or snuggling in the southwest canyons.



For the best way to see a couple's day all come together and the beautiful end result of months of planning, this Toronto-based company's wedding account is a must-follow. From stunning wedding reception designs to inspiring candle-filled tablescapes and sweet couple portraits, there's a ton of inspiration to glean for couples planning their own special day, regardless of your personal style, taste, or theme. We can't look away from the sweet lovebirds and their gorgeous photos covering every square on our screens.



Lush florals bursting with colour are Caspar Haydar's specialty, which he masterfully arranges to create nothing short of artful masterpieces. Haydar appears on CTV's show I Do, Redo, so there's no doubt that following his account will take you inside all the action and give you a first-hand look at the art of floral arranging for weddings. You'll discover a lot about the process and get some creative inspiration along the way.



This Halifax-based stationery company has us swooning over their modern, eclectic wedding stationery that should inspire all engaged couples to see the value of beautiful invitations. These custom creations let you both express yourselves to the nth degree, and we love browsing through their latest offerings. From Victorian-inspired beauties to blooming flowers and lush landscape displays, there's something for everyone on this pretty page.



A favourite for fine-art wedding photography, Will Reid has shot countless weddings in Canada and all over the world, making beautiful celebrations look even better with his editorial eye. Follow him to inspire your own wedding shots. Browse for just a few minutes, and you'll score valuable ideas you'll wish you'd had sooner. One thing's for sure: photos like these make any wedding day magical.



Linen rental company Latavola Linen carries a huge variety of linens that they provide worldwide, so it makes sense that the linens have made it on some of the most incredible wedding tablescapes. With this has come a trove of beautifully curated tablescape images that show you how every single detail of a wedding tablescape comes together, and wow, is it magical. These photos are so eye-catching we can't look away, and we love how discordant details unite to transform the big day into a truly momentous moment.



Balloons are a fun, whimsical detail that we love for weddings, and there's a way to do it right. Enter Haute Balloon, whose account shows stunning balloon installations for every type of event, and how the right styling can take balloons from boring to downright spectacular. If you took balloons for granted before, this account will certainly change your mind. They're truly talented, and we love watching this seemingly simple element instantly elevate the occasion.



Your reception tables, chairs, and charger plates are just some of the elements that you can use to truly tie your wedding theme together. There's a lot more to the moment, and this account shows how these unique elements can unite. From lavish displays to showstopping seating and breathtaking tabletops, you can find inspiration for nearly every element of the occasion.



Sophisticated, elegant wedding cakes that are both timeless and modern — that's A. Elizabeth Cakes' specialty. We love this cake designer's classic cakes with beautiful details, as well as her modern, trend-setting confections. This page is mouthwatering to sort through, offering hundreds of creative cake ideas you won't be able to find elsewhere. Scroll through one afternoon, and you'll be rushing into your own cake designer with a fresh batch of ideas.



For a dash of inspiration on how to glam up your bridal look with accessories, Lelet New York should be an account you turn to. Trendy headpieces, sparkling pins, and barrettes are just some of the pieces offered by this celeb-approved brand. When you want to accessorize for the big day, why not go straight to the source? Words of advice: Mind your budget before browsing this page, because you'll be scrolling through delight after delight.



If you're looking to fill your feed with fun, lighthearted inspiration for all types of celebrations and decor that you can use for everything from bridal showers to post-wedding parties, Bash Party Goods is an account you need in your life. From all types of pretty paper including wrap, stationery, and plates, all of these gorgeously styled photos and flat lays will be sure to cheer you up (and have you looking forward to your next celebration). This account is like a fiesta for our IG feed, and we're loving every moment of those bold colours, bright patterns, and adorable displays.

This article was originally published on Mar 17, 2020

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