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12 Fun Ways to Incorporate Straws Into Your Wedding Day

  |  By Laura Downs

Whether you're opting for a signature cocktail or a selection of favourite drinks, straws, and stir sticks, add a twirly twist to your wedding decor. If you're going low-key, traditional, or aiming for something more ornate, these affordable accessories give your guests' beverages a dose of charm. Customize individual sticks so guests can keep track of their drinks or access your glassware with a sparkly touch — the choice is yours. Here are a few of our favourite sweet drink accessories.


Add an applique

Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Events

Tie a piece of patterned fabric onto your straws or glasses for a pop of colour. For instance, floral details paired with colourful straws elevate an otherwise simple setup. If you're feeling daring, offer an assortment of styles and designs for guests to choose from.


Sippin' in classic style

Photography by Jen Lauren Grant Photography

Let coloured glassware shine with classic lemon slices and white straws. These sleek drinks remind us of a holiday in the Caribbean with their ocean-hued colour scheme, refreshing lemon, and twisty straws to spend the night sipping away. Your drink table has its own vibe, so make sure it aligns with the theme of your wedding (or experiment and choose a unique theme for this area) so that the whole day blends together effortlessly.


Stir up a little love

Photography by Erika Delgado Photography

Sparkling heart-shaped stir sticks add a romantic touch to a fun cocktail, and they look equally dazzling in the midst of a cosmo as they do a martini. Paired with shades of red, bows, and lace, you've got cocktails even Cupid couldn't resist.


A selection of stir sticks

Photography by Valo Photography

Place the sticks in the drinks or have them placed along the bar for guests to admire. Choose an assortment of colours so guests can select the one they like most, and have extras available because they'll be needed after the first round. We love how this couple placed theirs in elegant glass vases and incorporated flowers into the mix.


Simple stripes

Photography by Sweet Style

A simple striped straw brightens up a lidded mason jar. This one reminds us of childhoods gathering berries in the summer sun; it brings irresistible rustic charm to the table and lets guests sip without worrying about spillage. Wrap the jars in vintage paper for an old-fashioned aesthetic; you can even mix and match patterns so guests can find a favourite.


Spots over stripes

Photo courtesy of Shop Sweet Lulu

Spotted straws come in a variety of designs and colours to suit any occasion. Since weddings are all about details, you already know that even the smallest touch makes an impact. These colourful sippers might be simple, but they help play up the love-filled atmosphere. Go rainbow by selecting various shades, or pick a few that reflect your wedding's theme and colours.


Add a fruit topper

Photo courtesy of Desiree Spinner Events

Everyone loves a slice of fruit on their drink for a natural sweetener, and there's no rule limiting it to just one. This suggestion can be as simple or as complex as you like, so get the creative juices flowing. Have sliced fruit for guests to squeeze in while they sip, or create a DIY beverage bar where guests can pick from a loaded variety of tropical delights. Whichever you choose, guests will appreciate the refreshment after hours of twirling away on the dance floor.


Announce your big day

Photo courtesy of MM Ink Calligraphy

Have your wedding date printed on striped straws to match your colours. It's your occasion to remember, so leave no stone unturned. These charming sippers were easy to DIY, yet they add a charming touch to the beverage area and incorporate the couple's colours into the mix. Aww.


Say it with straws

Photography by Insight Creative Photography

Have a chain of words printed on your stir sticks to spell out a fun phrase. Make a game and let your guests put them all together and find the solution by the end of the night, or stick with classic favourites (like this creative bride and groom) that'll get the whole crowd chatting.


Sweet stir-ins


Photography by My Sweet and Saucy

These spoons aren't exactly straws or sticks, but they're another way to scoop up some sweet treats. Here, they're tied down to some delectable mousse jars, so guests can dine with their desserts on the go — or even on the dance floor. These easy-to-eat goodies make your day all the more magical, as guests can grab goodies while they're making the rounds. We'll drink (or chow down, in this case) to that!


Stir up some memories

Photography by Chad Morgan Photography

Opt for a personalized monogram for your drink and bar accessories. This day is just for the two of you, so why not let your bar area reflect that? You'll feel like king and queen for a day with a personalized beverage area decked out with goodies, from glassware to napkins and, yes, of course — straws. Even better, these are so cute they can be taken home as reminders of your special day.


Let them choose their words carefully


Photo courtesy of Etsy

Print a selection of fun phrases onto your stir sticks for guests to pick and choose. They can be traditional wedding day favourites, or they can be something entirely different, such as jokes, movie quotes, or quotes from the wedding party themselves! Let guests have fun with it as they pick their favourites while they sip and swirl the night away, celebrating the two of you.

This article was originally published on Feb 23, 2012

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