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Hot Bouquet Styles for You to Consider

  |   By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Consider, for a second, how beautiful flowers are. They're one of the best examples of nature showing off and often smell terrific too. Flowers help to create so much of the atmosphere of a wedding, and one set of florals, your bouquet, is the ultimate accessory and completes your bridal ensemble. You can wow the crowd with a memorable arrangement that makes you feel extra special and ties the decor together. Here are some gorgeously styled bouquets worth considering for your reception.


Trendy textures

Bouquet via JL Designs

Stumped on what type of wedding bouquet to pick? Why not opt for one with lots of texture, such as this frilly arrangement? The colour palette is soft and classy, and the brown paper wrap on the stems would add a rustic touch to an elegant farm-style wedding.


Formal garden

Bouquet via Wild Thyme

Over the last few years, we've seen a surge in modern-meets-vintage weddings. This particular bouquet reflects that sensibility and makes a grand impression. It's an all-white floral arrangement with foliage at the base for a garden feel, and it's tied together with a black silky ribbon, giving it a slightly edgy feel. The dahlias are remarkable and need no accompaniments to make an impact.


Victorian feel

Bouquet via Wedding Chicks

Here's an excellent example of why classic arrangements are as popular as ever. This bouquet's cream and dusky pink blooms are feminine and romantic, and the stems are wrapped in a pretty matching shade of velveteen.


Bold and beautiful

Bouquet via Mimosa Flower Studio

Passionate shades of pinks, reds and purples make quite the eye-catching combination. We love how unapologetically loud this fuschia bouquet is. You can wrap the base in an earthier colour for a contemporary finish or get an extra swatch of your dress fabric for a more direct link to your outfit. Bouquet via Mimosa Flower Studio.


Just peachy

Bouquet via Stemz

These cotton candy bouquets look so sweet. They're not overwhelming in either shape, size, or colour, and give off such zen vibes. To replicate the look, ask your florist for an arrangement comprising roses, peonies and hydrangeas. The ruffled texture of each petal combined with the peachy hue is an instant showstopper.


Freshly picked

Bouquet via My Bouquet

What do you think—does the rose in this bouquet smell as good as it looks? Either way, this wild bunch of blooms with pink and purple tones looks stunning, and trailing ribbons add a nice final touch. We adore wildflower bouquets with grains, grasses, and herbs as well.


Black is back

Bouquet via JL Designs

This unusual and breathtaking bouquet just bowls us over. The glossy calla lilies are, in reality, a dark purple, and they're loaded with mystique. Embellished with feathers, this sleek arrangement would feel right at home at any art deco-inspired celebration. We're obsessed!


Sweet succulents

Bouquet via The Full Bouquet

You'll elicit almost as many wows for this succulent extravaganza as you would for the sexy as all-get-out 'black' calla lily bouquet from before. In addition, the water-wise elements of this arrangement will last much longer than their rose and buttercup counterparts.


Love and lavender

Bouquet via Emmaline Bride

Shabby chic and timeless, a bouquet full of lavender makes quite the fragrant bunch. We adore this simple and understated arrangement idea, packaged with a bow. Just make sure you consume some caffeine lest the wafts of sleep-inducing lavender prove too hard to resist and you succumb to La La Land on one of the most important days of your life.


Hello yellow!

Bouquet via Elegance and Simplicity

Match your buoyant wedding mood to your flowers with a cheerful arrangement of Billy Buttons. These little spheres, AKA golf beauties, are a striking yellow hue and look like something from outer space.


Big blooms

Bouquet via Bridescafe

Don't let huge petals scare you away. When done right, big blossoms can make a real impression on your guests. This bouquet with coral, white, pink, yellow, and green, balances colour perfectly—it's a winner!


Boho bouquet

Bouquet via 100 Layer Cake

Show off your artsy side with a whimsical creation filled with delicate flowers and paired with dusty millers. This arrangement is subtle and the height of sophistication.

This article was originally published on Jan 06, 2012

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