10 Wedding-Day Moments That Will Melt Your Heart

ten wedding-day moments that will melt your heart - groom and groomsmen

ten wedding-day moments that will melt your heart - bride and groom

The days leading up to your wedding require a lot of effort to plan–but when the big day actually arrives, it goes by in a flash. That’s why a wedding photographer is so important–to capture those little moments you might not have been aware were even happening, moments you’ll want to preserve forever.

Veteran Toronto wedding photographer Scarlet O’Neill has curated a collection of moments shot by some of the country’s top wedding photographers in a project titled The Love (Actually) exhibit.┬áThese moments don’t just include the bride and groom–they also include the junior bridal party, parents, and other people who make a wedding so special.

We’ve chosen ten of the best moments from the collection of over 30 photos. We have no doubt these photos will melt your heart–and make you think of your own loved ones on your upcoming special day.

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