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10 Questions Every Couple Should Ask Their Cake Designer Before Booking

  |   By Roseanne Dela Rosa

You've picked a date, booked the venue, found the dress and now comes the fun part: choosing the cake. Thanks to Pinterest, finding the right cake design has become a whole lot easier. Finding the right vendor to create your dream confection can be a bit trickier. To help you navigate the waters, we've drummed up a list of 10 questions you should ask every cake designer before officially booking them.


Are they licensed?

Before you fall in love with your cake designer, you need to ensure that they are properly equipped with the right documents. Most wedding venues require a fully-licensed cake designer to bring in a wedding cake, so before you make the decision to hire someone, be sure to ask for some identification so you don't run into this speed bump down the road.

A bride and a groom is cutting their wedding cake VAKSMANV / iStock


What kind of cakes do they specialize in?

Like art, some bakers will only specialize in certain mediums. In cake terms, this could mean buttercream versus fondant. Before you book an appointment, do some research on your potential cake makers. Check out their website and social media accounts -- this should give you an idea of their personal style and area of expertise. If they're not web-savvy, ask to see photos in person. Make sure you are hiring a cake designer whose specialty matches your wedding style.

White cream wedding cake with flower decoration on it. MilaDrumeva / iStock


What's the starting price?

Not all wedding cakes are priced the same. Some creations may be more labour-intensive. So, before you book, ensure that you ask your cake designer what the starting cost is per slice.

A shot of a decorated wedding cake, it is ready to be sliced and for wedding guests to enjoy in Cumbria, England. SolStock / iStock


Will they replicate a cake?

You've seen a photo and now you want that exact cake. Ask your baker if they will create an exact replica. Most times, they'll take your picture as inspiration and modify it according to your prices, needs and their stylistic ability. Unless it's a cake from their portfolio or something more classic, you'll find many cake designers would be reluctant to create an exact replica.

White Naked Layered Wedding Cake with Pink Peony and Roses on a Silver Platter Holly Cromer / iStock


Do they offer tastings?

The inside of the cake should match the beauty of the outside. Don't be afraid to ask for samples or a cake tasting before booking. If your cake designer doesn't offer cake tastings before bookings, then ask if they'll be at bridal shows–which is where you can traditionally sample the goods.

Bride and groom eating a piece of their wedding cake fotojuwelier / iStock


Are there any additional fees?

Cake toppers, delivery, cake stands and other embellishments are not typically added to the original quote. Ask in advance about any additional fees so that there are no surprises when the invoice comes in.

Beautiful roses cake on vintage stand. Peach roses and lavender cake, Concept for Wedding , St. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday Cake. White background Grandiflora / iStock


What happens if the cake is damaged in transit?

Accidents happen, especially when you're transporting gigantic tiers of delicate cake. Don't be afraid to ask what your cake designer's policies are when it comes to damage. Do they have a refund policy? Or, do they have a backup plan in case something goes awry?

Anniversary cake is a cake to celebrate wedding anniversary as a symbol of good fortune. The tradition of a wedding cake goes back to Roman times when a cake of meal was crumbled over the bride's head to provide good luck. The wedding cake it’s self symbolizes as a good fortune and fertility. Yuliana Wijaya / iStock


What kind of flavours and fillings do they work with?

Brides these days are becoming more elaborate with their filling choices–which is great! But, before you commit to a flavour, you'll want to know if your cake designer can actually make that flavour. If they haven't but are willing to work with new flavours, you'll definitely want to make sure you have a tasting beforehand.

Home made 3 tier wedding cake with flowers APeriamPhotography / iStock


Who will make the wedding cake?

This might sound like a silly question, however, when it comes to bigger bakeries, you'll often find that they have a whole team in place. If you're looking for a specific designer to create your cake make sure you are meeting with the right person.

Delicate white bunk wedding cake decorated with an original design using mastic roses. The concept of festive desserts artoleshko / iStock


Are they willing to work with your florist to add fresh flowers to the cake?

If you're looking to scale back on the budget, fresh flowers in lieu of sugar flowers are the way to go. But, before you make that decision, ask if your cake designer will work with your florist or fresh flowers. Some cake designers are opposed to adding fresh flowers to their cake designs, while others are not. Asking in advance will give your cake designer ample time to create a cake with other elements in mind.

white cake decorated with fresh flowers roses at a wedding pyansetia2008 / iStock
This article was originally published on Nov 26, 2014

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