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10 Cool Multicoloured Wedding Ideas You Need To See

  |  By Bailey Spagat

If lacklustre neutrals bore you to no end, and you want to breathe life and glee into your wedding day, go ahead and skip tradition. This is your time to shine, and if your partner's on board and helping you pay, y'all can do whatever your hearts and inner children desire. Pick colours in the same family, like pinks and reds, or choose complementary colours from opposite ends of the spectrum. Better yet, be inspired by the rainbow and arrange for multicoloured accents that radiate playfulness and joy. Your photo album will turn out epic and put a smile on your face every time you haul it out of your closet.


This one's a shoe-in

Photo courtesy of Aldo

You don't have to give up your white dress for a multicoloured affair. Choose coloured shoes that will peek through the bottom of your gown. Heels like this mauve pair from Aldo will make you feel as tall as a supermodel while tying into your theme. Opt for a print or colour you love and want to show off.


Get creative with cloth

Photo courtesy of Lori Paladino Photography

This tablescape is a fabulous example of how to incorporate loads of colour tastefully. The stunning tablecloth print brings adventurous travels to mind, and the floral arrangements draw from the cloth to perfection with hues of orange, yellow, purple, and green for contrast. If the glasses and plates were also colourful, it would have been too much, but overall there's a visually pleasing balance and sophistication.


Neat nails for a subtle sparkle

Photo courtesy

There's no need to sacrifice elegance for a whimsical wedding. Try this glittery take on a french manicure. You'll grin every time you stick your hand out to meet new family members and greet old acquaintances, and they'll probably get a kick out of your delightful claws too. We also love the idea of a set of rainbow French tips—pick some classy colours, one for each finger, and you'll look like you belong in Vogue.


Really go for it with rainbow roses

Photo courtesy of The Chedda

Roses are classic wedding flowers, but you can make them reflect your quirky personality with rainbow-dye baths. Your florist can organize the colour dipping—it usually takes about a week, or they can arrange for faux rainbow roses. Either way, your centrepieces will make all your guests feel like they're tripping without consuming any illegal hallucinogens. We told you this was going to be fun.


A splendid sunset cake

Photo courtesy of The Caketress

Pick a gradient-style cake and showcase the many colours of your wedding decor. The ombré effect never fails to impress, and the big, bold flowers on this showstopper take it to a whole new tropical level. Alternatively, you can have a pretty white cake with surprise rainbow layers and a candy center—this makes for awesome cake-cutting pics. Our favourite is the naked rainbow cake with lightly smeared white frosting.


Bangle and bobble bouquet

Photo courtesy of Brooch Bouquets

Opt for a non-floral bouquet and attach different coloured brooches to your arrangement. Family heirlooms from a late, beloved grandparent add an extra special touch. Ensure that you attach precious pieces securely, or get a pro to create a button or brooch ball for you. This one has butterflies, hearts, flowers, and pearls and will last forever.


Striped sweets for special guests

Photo courtesy eHow.

Now we're talking! This is the Willy Wonka slash CandyLand part of the proceedings. You can provide guests with your favourite multicoloured treats, including desserts. Adults know better than to eat striped rainbow wheel lollipops, but they sure look great, so put a few out for the aesthetic. Here's the caveat. If you've invited kids, you might want to go easy on the candy supply, or the sugar rush could spell disaster.


Rainbow Brite bridesmaids

Photo courtesy Cori Cook Floral Design

If you have a large bridal party, have each bridesmaid wear a different colour of the rainbow and choose bouquets that match each of their outfits. You can stick with white for a white dress or go all out and include every colour in your bridal bouquet. Can we get a slow clap for the attention to detail that went into this photo? The bridal party could have easily looked like a Kindergartener's painting collectively, but they pulled off the cute concept with aplomb.


Set the stage

Photo courtesy What She Said Band

Lighting transforms any reception room, and when it's time to hit the dancefloor, the lights can emphasize your throughline and end the event in style. Choose a variety of colours to complement your multicoloured scheme.


A subtle colour change for the guys

Photo courtesy Cori Cook Floral Design

Make the guys a part of your grand plan too. Match the groomsmen's ties or boutonnieres to each of your rainbow-inspired bridesmaids. The colours will pop against black suits and garner appreciation from the other guests and your photographer.

This article was originally published on Jan 12, 2012

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