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10 Breathtaking Real Wedding Bouquets

  |  By Nicole Keen

Are you looking for inspiration for your bridal bouquet? We have a whole host of Real Weddings that can offer creative and imaginative ways to incorporate flowers into your upcoming special day. From classic and elegant to vintage and rustic, we're sure one of these beautiful bouquets will be a perfect fit for your special celebration.

Whatever your budget, colour preferences, season, allergies, and theme, settling on a bouquet that complements your choices should be more fun than stressful, and more exciting than daunting! Let us help by showing you the wedding bouquets we're loving right now!


Hand-tied bouquet

Photography by J.R. Clubb/Barefeet Photography

Bride Carly's hand-tied bouquet looks perfectly effortless and was a great match for her backyard soiree. With the rustic exposed ends and classic purple-and-white combination, it flattered her dress, her decor — even her fingernails. We'd definitely be pushing to the front of the pack to catch this beautiful bouquet!


Bright colours

Photography by Julie Whitlock Photography

When it comes to your bouquet, don't be afraid to mix bold, bright colours like lime green and coral. Especially when you pair them with a pop of white or whatever base colour you've chosen for your dress and your decor, there's no way these striking shades won't add one heck of an impact to your big day.

Whether you choose colours that are classic and complementary or go against the grain with something analogous or triadic (go ahead and look those up, we'll wait!), you're bound to impress your guests with your flair for the dramatic.


Vintage inspiration

Photography by Lyndsay London Photography

Vintage is all the rage these days, and there's really no question why. We love bride Julie's vintage-inspired bouquet, which features soapy hydrangeas and Queen Anne's Lace wildflowers for a memorable look.

Frosted greenery like eucalyptus and even some succulents can pair stunningly with classics like roses and mums. We can't get enough of a real vintage lace or rustic burlap wrap to really bring home the feeling of an old-fashioned wedding day.


Alternating textures

Photography by Lyndsay London Photography

Choose flowers with different textures to create an interesting arrangement. If you're willing to go a bit off the beaten path, the sky is really the limit when it comes to floral textures.

From the smooth curls of roses to the tiny scoop petals of dahlias, the spiky ball of an allium varietal to the pillowy puff of a succulent; if the colours and arrangement vibe with your theme, you'll cherish the uniqueness of a bouquet that just begs to be touched (after the ceremony, of course)!


Statement accessories

Photography by Amy Williams/Daydream Weddings

Every bride-to-be has some ideas about the statement accessories she'll dawn for her wedding. We love the addition of grandma's earrings, your best friend's shoes, a playful garter or an extravagant tiara. But why not zhuzh up your bouquet instead (or too — we don't judge)?

We love the idea of adorning your bouquet with a brooch. Bride Natasha's needlepoint cameo perfectly complemented her wedding's vintage vibe.


Rustic hues

Photography by David & Sherry Photography

For a late-summer wedding, you can't go wrong with rich, rustic hues. Bring a bit of autumn to your special day or highlight the true changing of the leaves on your outdoor walk down the aisle with matching tones of yellows, oranges, and burnt reds.

This bouquet not only embraces some of the last summer of the season with delicate greenery, but we can't get enough of that rustic tue-toned ribbon, too.


Classic colours

Photography by Tami McInnis

When in doubt, opt for a classic colour combo. Opting for white, ivory, and green, like bride Camilla's bouquet, gives the accessory a fresh and modern feel that subtly adds to the rest of the decor. Some other classic petal pairings: faded rose and off-white, white and deep greenery, burgundy and pale pink, and pale blue and faded green.

If you're going a bit away from the rest of your theme, look for ways to tie the bouquet colours back into the rest of your day to really make sure the whole event meshes seamlessly and stunningly.


Roses and orchids

Photography by John Heil Photography

Roses and orchids look fantastic together---especially in bright and cheerful hues. We love how this bouquet streamlines the explosion of blossoms with the sleek, classy white wrap around the stems.

Both widely accepted symbols of beauty and purity, these flowers make sense gathered up in a wedding day arrangement. What's more, each of them comes in so many different shades and varieties that you're sure to discover the perfect pairing, regardless of your theme or personal preferences!


Pink peonies

Photography by Talia Unger

Lush pink peonies are a romantic choice for a summer wedding. Their voluminous petals and feathery appearance make them just as light and airy as your flowing skirts and billowing veil. Though they're usually seen in whites and pale pinks, if you're feeling this flower, don't overlook bolder hues like magenta and peach. These blooms will give you that expansive bouquet you always dreamed of.

We love that bride Galien opted for a brightly coloured ribbon to tie her flowers together for a perfect pairing.


Elegant black and white

Photography by Dragonflight Photography. Flowers by Flowers & Company.

Lots of brides incorporate black into their weddings these days, but many overlook the bouquet when doing so. Black additions to your flowers doesn't have to result in a Bride of Frankenstein aesthetic (unless that's what you're going for, of course). Just look at bride Danae's black and white bouquet — how chic and sophisticated!

This article was originally published on Mar 07, 2012

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