10 Awesome Costume Weddings You’ll Wish You Were Invited To

Star Wars Wedding

Costume weddings are, surprisingly, becoming more and more popular these days. While many people still can’t fathom the idea of abandoning tradition in favour of a sci-fi celebration, there are also those bold enough to embrace the benefits of a Halloween-themed wedding. Costume weddings do have their benefits afterall: Few Halloween brides seem to complain that their cousin or coworker stole their Corpse Bride outfit ideas and there’s no doubt that creative costumes instantly serve as conversation starters among guests.

Halloween weddings are a great time for you to showcase your creativity. If you’re daring enough to take on a costume wedding, make sure to incorporate things that you both love and enjoy. For die hard romantics, a Romeo and Juliet-themed wedding with Shakespearean details is a great choice. Want to embrace the spookiness of Halloween? Have a special effects makeup artist turn you and your groom into an undead couple.

Check out these 10 quirky costume weddings you’ll wish you had attended.


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