With this Ring, I Thee Wed

For Christmas this year, Bojan and I decided to shop for our wedding bands.  We’ve searched online at many different sites (bluenile.ca is awesome for education and selection by the way) but we wanted to visit a few jewellery stores before making any final decisions.

Because I don’t currently have an engagement ring, we weren’t sure what direction we wanted to take.  Should I go with an engagement ring and matching band?  Maybe a flashier wedding band with diamonds instead of just metal?  Or should I completely break with tradition and just get an engagement ring that will serve as a wedding band?

When you shop for major jewellery for the first time, it requires a lot of education.  Colour, and clarity, and carats, OH MY!  My least favourite C would have to be cost.  I think most brides-to-be (myself included) want to find a perfect design and worry about other details later.  Besides, compromises in diamond quality can always be made to reduce cost.

After dumping the kids off at Grandma’s for the evening (that’s right, DUMPING.  After you have your second child, you don’t just drop them off, you dump them off to get some much needed relax time), we visited six jewellery stores (yes, it sounds like overkill but we really wanted to make sure we selected the perfect pieces). Jewellery is completely about personal taste and everyone under the sun has weighed in on what they think would suit us best.  I personally love the jewellery salesperson, “Oh, this ring would be perfect for you.  No?  You don’t like it?  Me neither. Here’s a different option,” approach to handling customers.  And is it just me or is it always the last day of a promotion or sale?  I don’t like major decisions to be made on the spot.  I always need time to deliberate so the pressure from pushy salespeople can be overwhelming.  I must admit though, jewellery shopping is extremely fun and it’s great to have attention lavished on you.  Every salesperson didn’t even bother to seek approval from Bojan because they knew once I was sold, then he would have no choice but to bite.  It’s great being a woman!

What I originally thought would look nicest on my ring finger and suit me the most (a simple wedding band with small channel set diamonds) was quite boring.  Even a solitaire diamond didn’t quite do it for me.  So I’ve narrowed it down to the following:

1)     An eternity band with diamonds all the way around, or

2)    A three-stone diamond ring with a slightly larger centre diamond

They’re both roughly the same price, fairly similar in terms of quality (who would really know the difference in diamond quality anyway, unless of course, they were walking around with a magnifying glass!).  I would show you actual pics but they wouldn’t let me take any in store.  Here are similar examples.  Thoughts?  Bear in mind that I have long and skinny fingers.

Side note:  We’ve made some headway on where to hold the ceremony.  I am slowly breaking him down.  More details to follow in the next blog!


7 comments on “With this Ring, I Thee Wed
  1. karene victoria says:

    I had my ring custom made. I have lond slim hands but I am also tall and slim so I needed something in proportion to me, the rings just got lost on me. I looked at retail stores to get an idea, but I ws disappointed in their high pressure sales tactics. Most of them could not even tell you the quality of the stone, believe me this makes a difference when you are out of the glaring store lights. You want a ring to have fire. My band is wider and modern. I said I wanted something antique looking, go figure

  2. jessica says:

    agree with the below. “they knew once I was sold, then he would have no choice but to bite. It’s great being a woman!” just backs up what you said last post about him having to go along with all your decisions. and ‘dumping’ (emphasized) the kids doesnt really scream happy family dynamics postwedding. i dont think it really matters what ring you pick or what your fingers look like but the celebration and commitment it represents…….

  3. S. K. says:

    Ok so the last post about your poor H2B having no choice because he’d hear about it the rest of his life wasn’t enough…. again with the “every salesperson didn’t even bother to seek approval from Bojan because they knew once I was sold, then he would have no choice but to bite. It’s great being a woman!” Again just a tip but you’re kinda scaring ppl off with your “I’m going to have it MY way and the husband has no say at all” remarks. Maybe not scaring, that was a bit harsh but really???? Aren’t weddings supposed to be about the COUPLE celebrating their commitment TOGETHER, and both your posts so far have said things to the effect of it’s going to be YOUR way and he just has to go along with it. It’s his day too you know.

  4. Jessyca says:

    I have long skinny fingers too, and I get your point completely. I’m having a lot of trouble finding a band that looks nice.

    I found what looked the best was the eternity band all the way around. That’s my opinion!

    Best of luck!!!

  5. Judith says:

    ooOo.. what a dilemma – but a good dilemma. I find it quite entertaining what some sales staff will say to get you to purchase something – even funnier when they don’t realize that they may be coming off as fake :p.

    I originally fell in love with a three-stone diamond ring style when I was just dreaming of an engagement but what I got was completely different yet something I love even more (the fact that he chose it himself makes it even that much more pretty!!). Both your ring choices are just beautiful but I’m biased to the three-stone :). I say keep searching until you fall in love with the perfect ring. Did you consider finding a small ‘mom and pop shop’ that may be able to design a ring with you at close to the same cost?

    ‘DUMPING’ the kids – LOL!! I used to feel guilty and ecstatic at the same time when I got an evening without my daughter, now she’s old enough, she tells me she doesn’t want to come and now I feel shunned. LOL!! From one mother to another – GOOD ON YOU! Adults need to be adults without their children every once in a while, keeps the relationships stronger, I think.

    Mark bought my rings together so we just need to shop for his, what a different experience that is altogether!

    Good luck on your search and I’m certain you’ll find the right ring!

  6. Kristen says:

    I have very long and skinny fingers, and what suited me really well was a very skinny band with pave set diamonds around a center stone. ( See Tiffany Novo as an example http://www.tiffany.ca/Engagement/Item.aspx?GroupSKU=GRP10015 ) I have a brilliant cut center stone instead of a cushion cut, but it is very graceful and elegant on my giant spindly hands! I am going to either get a solid metal band or a pave diamond band to match.

  7. monet says:

    I love the eternity band with diamonds all the way around – simple, BEAUTIFUL and different all at the same time.

    As for the sales people and limited time promotions, when it comes to make the sale all you need to do is let them know that you are willing to walk – there is another store having a sale somewhere else if they are not willing to give you the best price at the time you are ready to buy.

    When I got my engagement ring, we went to Spence – it was a great experience and I got no sales pressure at all – we were there for about 2 hours just trying on different rings and playing with different styles (I had no idea what I was looking for… I just knew it had to be different).

    Enjoy the process!

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