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Why You Should Consider Wearing A Vintage Wedding Dress

  |   By Alison McGill

Photography by Benjamin Wheeler via Instgaram @theroyalfamily.

We are still swooning over Princess Beatrice’s intimate wedding last weekend and the vintage gown she wore which was loaned to her by her grandmother The Queen. The dress was designed by Sir Norman Hartnell for her majesty to wear to the 1962 film premiere of Laurence of Arabia and she famously wore it again in 1967 at the State Opening of Parliament.

Princess Beatrice had the dress customized to suit her style making a few tweaks like adding delicate puffed organza sleeves and an extra length at the hemline. Her choice to wear a vintage gown made history as it was something no other royal bride has done before; it was a smart choice for many reasons. Wearing vintage is an option we have always loved and here’s five reasons why you may want to consider something old and fabulous for your wedding.

1. Sustainability. This is why many brides chose vintage today and it’s a wonderful, ethical reason to choose to go this route.

2. Sentimentality. Wearing a dress that’s been in the family is an incredibly special way to bring a history and memories into your day just like Princess Beatrice did.

3. A Bespoke Bridal Style. Choosing vintage is a way to ensure your fashion look is uniquely yours.

4. It's Budget-Friendly. If you have a dress that is in the family, there will be little to no cost (alternations will be the only investment and though they can be expensive it likely would not equate to the cost of a new gown). If you are searching for a dress, there are many vintages and secondhand stores to scour and again you will pay a fraction of the cost of a new gown.

5. Vintage Creates An Instant Mood. The era your wedding dress harkens from can be the perfect inspiration for your wedding theme. Find the dress and build all the details for your day around it!


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