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Why Now Is The Time To Grow Your Dream Wedding Hair

  |  By Tony Masciangelo

It’s a fact: almost every bride wants a little extra length for her wedding hair. This allows more play for different styling options especially if you want to wear your hair up. There are extensions of course, but if you have the chance to naturally achieve more length (like now!) it’s always a good idea and provides an op for you to have a little fun with different styles and accessories as you grow out.

Here are answers to five FAQs I have recently heard from brides-to-be about hair growth leading up to wedding day and how to manage the process smoothly.

What extra care do you need to take when growing out your hair and you don't have access to your hairdresser? You need to watch out for breakage first and foremost. Avoid too much heat styling and if you are going to use these tools then a heat protector is a must. Avoid very tight ponytails as breakage could occur around the base of the pony. Avoid using drugstore haircare as those products usually do not contain enough of the ingredients needed to moisturise & nourish hair.

Should I trim my hair? (Ie. any split ends, add wispy layers, cut bangs...?) Trimming your own hair is not for the faint at heart. I wouldn’t recommend it although if you have a fringe or bang, a tiny snip of the ends would be ok. Never ever cut your bands horizontally and ALWAYS chip the ends away vertically as this technique will keep the ends soft and should avoid any hair disasters.

Does avoiding heat styling help hair growth and health? Should I be air-drying only? As mentioned, heat styling does not help hair growth, but can hinder it. Hair growth comes from inside your body so what you do to the hair on your head will not affect regrowth. A healthy diet combined with a regular exercise regimen (that brings fresh oxygen to your cells) will ensure healthy hair growth. There is absolutely a new no-blow-dry movement occurring. Partly because of this pandemic we are in. We are living in a much simpler time now and women are beginning to embrace a much more natural or raw vibe. So, if you love the way your hair looks air dried, do it!

How much does hair grow a month? Hair grows approximately 1/2 an inch per month.

What are some ways to cope with my hair’s difficult in between grow out phases? Growing your hair out is not easy and comes with many awkward phases. It definitely is a trying process. If your hair is short, the hardest grow out period will be growing out the hair around your ears. The hair will grow in many different lengths. You really can’t do anything until that area is long enough to push back. You & your stylist should have a plan. Maybe grow out just the bangs and sides until there’s some length. Possibly grow it out to a short bob then a longer one. Once the hair has caught up to itself then it’s just a matter of time until length will appear. Manage the process and have some fun with hair accessories as they are back in a BIG way! Clip you bangs to one side or wear a headband to push hair off your face for a different vibe. Slicking it back or to the side with a strong part with some gel is always a great way to hide a multitude of hair sins and the look also packs a fashionable punch!

Tony Masciangelo is a hairstylist and co-owner of Alcorn Hair. He’s also a regular on-set contributor with Weddingbells


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