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Who Will Design Kate's Wedding Shoes?

  |   By Nicole Keen

Will Kate step down the aisle in Aruna Seth's "Bryony" shoes?

Now that an official wedding date has been announced, the speculation surrounding Kate Middleton's bridal gown has reached fever pitch. Indeed, we've been so busy discussing her dress options that we nearly forgot about a very important part of her bridal ensemble: the shoes! At online betting agency William Hill, people are putting money on who will provide Kate's footwear for the big day, and London-based designer Aruna Seth is currently one of the top contenders.


Who Will Design Kate's Wedding Shoes?

Just last month Alison blogged about an amazing pair of pink Aruna Seth shoes (read the full entry here), and there are also plenty of classic ivory designs in the collection. The designer herself has suggested the "Bryony" shoe (pictured above) as a perfect option for Kate's nuptials. Seth also shared the following words of wisdom, which you too may find useful when shoe shopping for your celebration: "Kate Middleton's bridal shoes should be simple, elegant with a hint of glamour to match her style; with a reasonable heel-height to be in proportion to Kate's petite frame. I'd recommend Kate choosing effortless, classic shoes that will stand the test of time. In a shoeaholic's world, choosing appropriate bridal shoes should be as important as the grandeur of the dress."

This article was originally published on Nov 23, 2010

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