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What’s Your Groom Wearing?

  |  By Alison McGill

We talk a lot about the dress, but has your guy put much thought towards what he’s wearing? We thought you might want to check in about what’s hot for groom's fashion this season. In a word: suits. Thanks to Mad Men and the Duke of Cambridge (who's style is the cover subject of our brother magazine MEN'S FASHION, available now), the suit has never looked hotter. Don’t get us wrong, we love a groom in a tuxedo, but with many celebrations being a little less formal and more relaxed these days, a tux can at times look a bit much.

We asked the experts at Tip Top Tailors for their take on what’s cool for guys when it comes to dressing up. Alvisio Viola, Tip Top brand manager shares these thoughts with us.


While black continues as a mainstay, charcoal and navy blue are especially hot. “Look for a deep navy,” Violo advises. “Wear it with a dark brown shoe.” If you want something a little lighter, think rich tan and oatmeal shades.


Checks, both bold and mini and gingham patterns are poised to take the spotlight from solid coloured shirts. Patterns will add character and a dash of personal style to his look. If your groom is more traditional, steer him towards monochromatic shades like pale grey or bolder jewel tones if he wants to make a statement.


Narrow is the must-have shape with ties in classic solids or funky patterns. This season in particular, Viola reports we’re seeing some of the best patterns in years including geometric designs and plaids (ranging from Tattersall to full-blown tartans) satin stripes and modified rep ties.

This article was originally published on Sep 30, 2011

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