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Fashion & Beauty

Well Groomed

  |   By Nicole Keen

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Green Shag, a hip custom clothier for men, where the gracious owners/creative geniuses walked me through the process of designing a suit from scratch!

The beginnings of a bespoke suit: fabric swatches and fashion sketches.


Well Groomed

First is the consultation in which your mister will sit down with designer Victoria McPhedran to decide on a concept, and don't worry if he doesn't have a clue what to wear, there is plenty of inspiration to be had: old books and fabric swatches will help kick his imagination into high gear. Also, apparently lots of grooms have been bringing their wedding invites to the table, and these can serve as a great starting point. Once he's decided on a style (note: Green Shag does everything from traditional tuxes to velvet suits), Victoria comes up with a personalized sketch (some examples pictured here), and everything can be customized from the lining of the jacket to the size of the lapels. During the several fittings that follow, your groom's one-of-a-kind design will come to life.

My favourite part about Green Shag was the attention to detail, and the adorable out-of-the-box ideas. For example, a "cheat sheet" featuring wedding vows can be sewn into his shirt cuff! The shop also offers custom-made cufflinks that can be co-ordinated with your wedding colours, or designed to reflect a meaningful motif (one recent groom replicated his tattoo). So if your mister's looking to have a unique wedding fashion experience, he should definitely look into going the bespoke route.

This article was originally published on Jun 25, 2009

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