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Wedding Hair Tips For Brides With Afro-Textured Hair

  |   By Kimberly Aglipay

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When it comes to getting your hair ready for your wedding day, it's important to do research specific to your hair type. Not all hair products and tips are meant or work for all types of hair, and you want your hair looking its absolute best on the big day, all day long. We turned to pro hairstylist Adrian Carew, owner of Hair 91 salon in Toronto, for his best hair tips for brides with afro-textured hair.

How should brides with afro-textured hair care for their hair before their wedding day?
"With afro-textured hair being very delicate and needing lots of TLC, I recommend a series of treatments. These treatments will help with the luster and shine of the hair. If it is relaxed, make sure it is done at least a week prior so it can have a little body. If you colour your hair, this needs to be done a week after the relaxer. Extensions can also be used. This helps to assist in the style, up dos and down styles. All these little tips will help with the longevity of the chosen style."

What are some factors to consider when choosing your bridal hairstyle?
"Choose a style that will last the entire day. It has to compliment you and your dress. Something that you won’t have to retouch throughout the day like updo styles, for example chignons, buns or braids. Allow your stylist to get creative."

What are some of your favourite hair accessories?
"I love to use silk flowers, preferably in white. I find this gives such a fresh, elegant and chic look to spring and summer weddings, and they last. For fall and winter weddings I like jewelled combs, clips or ornaments. Maybe beads, rhinestone or pearls to give a pop."

Do you have any tips for brides with afro-textured hair who want to DIY their own wedding hair? 
"Your wedding day is your special day. To DIY your hair, you need to make sure your hair has been blown dry and flat-ironed properly. It is all about the finished look. Make sure all (if any) flyaways are secured and use good products. You want to have a picture-perfect memory!"

What are some of your favourite tools and products for brides with afro-textured hair? 
"For products: 1) Anti-humectant. 2) A strong, workable hairspray. 3) A setting lotion. 4) Heat protectant. For tools: FHI flatiron and curling irons. Marcel irons give a nice finish."

Where should brides with afro-textured hair look for wedding hair inspiration? 
"Social media features a lot of great ideas, magazines or recommendations from previous brides or clients. The fashion runways and celebrity looks are good too."

Do you have any other tips or anything else you'd like to add about how Black brides can ensure they get the wedding-day hair of their dreams?
"I love my brides to make their mothers cry when I'm done with their hair. The aim is to make them so BEAUTIFUL. I choose a look that is flattering and complimentary to your dress. We have trials and consultations prior. Bring in pictures and references. Discuss on the right accessories. On your wedding day, make sure you bring in your veil and all the chosen accessories and have your stylist totally dress your hair. Hair makes the look, it makes your day."


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