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Wedding Accessories With A Twist

Wedding Accessories - Necklace

Necklace by Banana Republic

While, yes, it’s largely about the dress on your big day, wedding accessories are still a huge part of completing the look. Considering this will likely be the most-photographed day of your life, you need to take into consideration every little detail from your shoes to your jewellery and headpiece.

We asked Melissa Evans-Lee, style expert and marketing director for Toronto’s Bayview Village to recommend some must-have wedding accessories for 2016 brides. Evans-Lee says this year it’s all about contrast, bling and statement pieces with a little tradition thrown in for good measure.

Statement Pieces
“A lot of wedding dress necklines call for sleek updos, which in turn offers the perfect opportunity to showcase gorgeous jewels,” says Evans-Lee. “From glittering collar necklaces to glitzy earrings, don’t be afraid to go big with your jewellery pieces.”

Wedding Accessories - Clutch

Clutch by Swarovski

“Your wedding is the time you don’t have to worry about overdoing it with the sparkle,” Evans-Lee explains. “I love jewel-encrusted clutches, shoes, and amazing jewelry. The more bling the better!”

Wedding Accessories - Earrings

Earrings by Carrera Y Carrera at Berani

“I love the idea of pairing black accessories with a white wedding gown,” says Evans-Lee. “It’s unexpected and, in my opinion, next level in terms of elegance.”

Something Blue
“My favourite something blue this season is shoes,” explains Evans-Lee. “Think Carrie Bradshaw and her glorious cobalt blue Manolos when she married Mr. Big.”

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