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The Beauty Service You Need To Put On Your Wedding To-Do List

  |  By Alison McGill

In your beauty countdown to wedding prep, you likely have your hair, skin treatments and nail appointments set, but have you also mapped out your waxing plan? Waxing before your wedding is also an important thing to get on your to-do list and may be something for both you and your beloved to schedule, especially if you will be hitting the beach for your honeymoon, as it requires a bit of prep before arrival!

We spoke to Jessie Frampton, co-founder of Toronto’s Fuzz Wax Bar about waxing and weddings and she offered some insightful intel on what services to book and when.

What are the biggest waxing services you see pre-wedding day? “Waxing and weddings go hand in hand because it eliminates one more task off of the bride or groom’s to-do list. A lot of the services we see also tie in with their honeymoon, and we see a lot of brow, Brazilian, and leg services done.”

Waxing takes a thought-out plan in advance of the wedding? Working on a six-month schedule, can you give an idea of when to schedule appointments in the run up to wedding day? “We recommend routine waxing always, even outside of wedding schedules. Keeping on a grooming routine—whatever that looks like for you—allows you to know how your skin responds, and also provides an opportunity to master the in-between care as well.”

What steps are critical to waxing success? “The best thing to know is that education and in-between care is key. Consistent moisturizing and exfoliation will ensure the skin is smooth and reduces the chances of ingrown hairs. Before appointments, we recommend a warm shower to prep the skin, and to wear loose-fitting clothes to the appointment itself. For honeymooners, SPF is ultra-key post-wax.”

What should you avoid before any waxing appointment? “Before a waxing appointment, we recommend avoiding applying any gels, lotions, or oils onto the skin, as they may interfere with how the wax will perform. We will always apply lotion or oil as needed onto the skin.”

There are many hair removal options today, why is waxing still one of the best ones? "Waxing is a fuss-free service, unlike other hair removal treatments (i.e. shaving and hair removal creams) the hair comes back softer and sparser, it also requires less maintenance, with most waxing clients requiring services every four to six weeks. It’s a service that any hair and skin type can enjoy benefits with.”

Why is having a relationship with your waxer important? “Having a relationship with your waxer, or your waxing location is ultra-important! Do your research and ensure where you’re going is clean and professional. At Fuzz, waxing is all we do, so you know the service you’re getting with any practitioner (we call ourselves Fuzzologists®) will be great, and the tips you will receive is some of the best in the industry. There’s a lot of trust that goes into getting a service like waxing done, so it’s important to ensure that the waxing place you choose is one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.”

This article was originally published on Mar 04, 2020

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