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Try This Trend: White Bridesmaid Dresses

  |  By Nicole Keen

For years and years white bridesmaid dresses have been a bit of a taboo, but Pippa Middleton managed to put that notion to rest as soon as she stepped out of her town car on April 29th. Pippa single-handedly proved that a white bridesmaid dress can work, and apparently Kim Kardashian was taking notes---when she wed Kris Humphries this past weekend all the members of her bridal party, including her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, were wearing white gowns! Thinking of trying this trend for your own wedding? Here are some guidelines for making it work:

1) CHOOSE THE RIGHT SHAPE. In order to make sure that you (the bride) stand out, select a bridesmaid dress that has a different shape than your wedding gown. For instance, if your gown has a full skirt, choose sleek white dresses for your girls. Similarly, if your gown is long and slinky, dress your bridal party in knee-length frocks.

2) PLAY WITH TEXTURE. Choosing different materials is another great way to ensure that you and your bridesmaids look unique, even though you're all wearing the same colour. If your dress is chiffon, why not pick lace dresses for your ladies? This type of contrast will make for interesting---yet harmonious---group pictures.

3) ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE. The best way to make sure all eyes are on you? Wear a veil! Nothing says "I'm the bride" like that pretty piece of tulle tucked in your updo! Shoes can also be a fun way to change up your look---maybe your perfect pair is red, while all of your girls wear nude pumps? This is the fun part, so play around with finishing touches that add personality to your all-white bridal party.

This article was originally published on Aug 24, 2011

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