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To veil or not to veil…

  |   By scasselman

I was never that little girl; the one who wore a crown of toilet paper around her head, and let it fall to the ground in grand veil fashion. I didn’t prance about the yard wearing my DIY headgear nor did I swoon at the sight of these heavenly accessories.  Even when that magical I-found-my wedding-dress day came, I was more interested in adding the sparkly bits (the necklace, the bracelets, the hairband) than I was the actual veil.  Was I really a veil kinda girl? Somehow there seemed to be so much tied to this whisper-thin netting. And if I did wear one, which way would I play it? Retro? Face-framing net. Fashion girl? Feathers, crystals and tulle. Princess? Cathedral-length with opulent embroidery. Now, I was curious, I needed to experience (first hand!) the veil effect.


To veil or not to veil…

Standing there in front of the mirror at White Toronto, in my wedding dress, elbow-length tulle veil sprinkled with tiny crystals blinking like fireflies when they caught the sun streaming through the store’s windows, I was seduced. Now, I couldn’t imagine walking down the aisle on my father’s arm, toward Mr. Forever, without this transformative piece of tulle, elegantly falling around my shoulders. It won’t be covering my face though. As much as I love the idea of tradition, I want to be able to drink in every little detail that day. Well, that and I don’t want my makeup to smudge.

This article was originally published on May 25, 2011

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