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Fashion & Beauty

Tie One On

  |   By Alison McGill

A gorgeous silk scarf instantly makes you look and feel more glam. Tie one around your neck, you’re an instant fashionista. Wear one wrapped around your head a la Audrey Hepburn and you look like a movie star. Tie one on your purse handle, and you’re Carrie Bradshaw. It really is the most versatile of accessories making it the perfect thing to pack for your honeymoon. In my opinion, a great scarf is a special something that lasts a lifetime, making it a smart choice for a designer investment. The design house to shop at: Hermès, the luxury French fashion house famous not only for its Kelly and Birkin bags but for their stunning, hand-painted silk scarves.


Tie One On

Hermès has been making scarves for 70 years and to mark this special anniversary, the company just introduced a new collection: the Carrés 70 ($325), a new 70 x 70 cm scarf in a new Hermès-exclusive material, vintage silk. It’s available at Hermès stores in six stunning motifs, each of which was chosen from the Hermès archives. To pick the perfect pattern for you and to learn more about the Carrés 70, visit

This article was originally published on Jul 11, 2007

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