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Theia Spring 2019 Wedding Dresses

THEIA Spring 2019 Wedding Dresses

THEIA Spring 2019 Wedding Dresses

With a royal wedding on the horizon, it’s no surprise that bridal designers across the board are giving their gowns a regal air. For his aristocratic turn, Theia designer Don O’Neil went for baroque (excuse the pun), embracing the theme by sending a majestic parade of tiaraed princesses down the runway and naming each gown after a woman of nobility.

Known for its soft silhouettes and its magical ability to make fully beaded floor-length dresses look laid-back and downright easy to wear, the label stayed true to its sexy, confident roots while re-inventing a lavish regal aesthetic. Jewelled beadwork was set as curving filigrees informed by baroque scrollwork, while soft sweeping ball skirts offset crystal and pearl encrusted bodices. Major standouts in the collection include: the Georgiana, a tri-tiered lace frock with a narrow silhouette; the Caroline, a softly fluted mermaid with sheer lace sleeves that are delicately puffed at the shoulder and balloon dramatically at the wrist; and the Margaret, an A-line ballgown in metallic silver brocade with opulent beading and a holographic embroidery.

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