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The Trick To Getting Gorgeous Skin Quick!

  |  By Alison McGill
The Trick To Getting Gorgeous Skin Quick!

Photo courtesy iStockphoto

Want to look flawless on your wedding day? Great skin is the secret. Few of us have it naturally, but it’s easy to achieve if you get serious about your skincare. “To get skin wedding-day-perfect, it’s all about preparation,” says Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of Rodial skincare (and Rodial’s sister line Nip + Fab). “I recommend starting a regime six weeks before the big day, and that includes using a luxury cleanser, anti-aging night cream, masques and a few facials. If you amp up your skincare routine in enough time, you can tackle all your issues to ensure your skin looks amazing.”

We asked Hatzistefanis for five ways to get both face and body flawless, fast. Here are her tips.

1. “Drinking plenty of water and eating oily fish & fresh fruit & vegetables will give skin a healthy glow while helping eliminate toxins,” she says.

2. “You will want to remember your special day with pictures so get a flawless finish with the right shade of foundation and a primer (like Nip+Fab Sheer Make-Up Fix) to hide any imperfections.”

3. “Fine lines and wrinkles are obviously a wedding-day no-no so use a serum to tighten the skin and give your complexion a youthful glow in time for the big day.” Try: Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum.

4. “It’s important to fit into your perfect dress so I recommend using a product designed to tone the tummy and get your abs in shape fast for the ultimate in body confidence.” Try: Rodial Tummy Tuck.

5. “A deep tissue massage will help you de-stress while improving circulation and reducing the appearance of cellulite—it’s a must for a perfect honeymoon beach body!”

This article was originally published on Jun 07, 2012

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