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Fashion & Beauty

The Ring’s The Thing

  |   By scasselman

I’ve never met a jewellery store I didn’t like. Whether it’s fine or costume is really beside the point, to me, it’s about the thrill of the hunt: Pouncing on a sparkly pin, slipping on a sleek cuff, hanging colourful gems from my lobes and stacking several delicate rings. It’s little wonder that choosing a wedding band – the same ring worn everyday til death do us part? – can be an anxiety-riddled experience (pass the Ativan, please.) While I ponder the infinite choices with our patient jeweler, Mr. Forever remains cool-as-a-cucumber. “I want to go old-school,” he states with an air of confidence. “A simple, 18K classic gold band, not too thick.” How very Mad Men-esque. I decide upon an elegant diamond eternity band; it looks like icy perfection next to my engagement ring but will also look swish worn solo on my minimalist days. My girlfriend, T, tells me to save some real estate on my ring finger for future celebrations (wedding anniversaries, babies).  Though, I barely hear her words of wisdom; I’m too busy dreaming of the six sweetest words: “With this ring I thee wed.”

This article was originally published on Jun 02, 2011

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Wedding Registries Made Easy


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