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The Results are In

  |  By Nicole Keen

{Photography Carlo Mendoza}

After four weeks of pushing myself to new limits, early mornings, and attempting exercises I had never heard of (or previously feared), it’s over. Today is results day. There will be no new routines or instructions today. Just a redo of my fitness test, recording of measurements and compare it all to my first day of bootcamp. I’ve been working hard and I want to see results. I feel great, have learned a lot but I’m going to be honest, I want to see changes: inches lost and better results than Day 1.

When I initially signed up for Best Body Bootcamp, I definitely had some preconceived notions. A lot of them involved visions of the Demi Moore in GI Jane. Thankfully, it was nothing at all like that! There was no yelling, no tears and no working out in the pouring rain. Well, no rain until today that is where I kicked my routine of push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, planks and sprinting in front of trainer Roger and fiancé Dave. Roger diligently times, then at the end of it all pulls out the measuring tape.

The news is…I lost six inches overall! On top of that, I doubled the amount of push ups I can do, cut the time it takes me to run suicides in half and have a increased my abs strength. I can’t believe I’ve achieved these results in just four weeks. Added bonus: this news comes on the day I receive a call from my bridal boutique Sash and Bustle that my dress is ready for pickup.


The Results are In

My wedding is 49 days away and the next few weeks are going to be insanely busy, both at the office (it’s only a month until Weddingbells Spring + Summer 2011 issue is off to the printer) and at home. I don’t want to stop my new exercise regime and lose the results I’ve gained. Roger left me with these tips to maintain my “bootcamp glow”:

1. Take a picture. I’ve lost inches and look feel great. A picture will capture my new fit appearance and serve as a reminder to keep it up and not revert to old habits.

2. Set new goals. I’ve reached a goal yes, but I should not get complacent and stop there. I need to set new ones to keep me focused and make my workouts more satisfying.

3. Reward myself: I’ve worked hard and made amazing changes. I need to celebrate my accomplishments—spa day or new shoes anyone?!

4. Eat healthy: Exercise is only a small part of the equation. Diet plays a big role in how you look and feel. I need to focus on eating clean and getting fit inside too.

5. Keep it up. Most people see the best results in any exercise program if they stick to it for at least 12 to 16 weeks. Maybe I’ll sign up for another bootcamp.

With bootcamp over, my new maintenance routine in place, my reception invitations out and my dress in hand, it’s now time to turn my attention to the last few details of my destination wedding. Writing vows, picking up wedding bands, filing for a marriage license (in California), ordering cupcakes, RSVP updates—there’s a lot to do before November 23rd. I better get busy.

This article was originally published on Oct 05, 2010

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